New decade

Today is the last day of my four-day weekend. A nice break to reward myself for making it to thirty.

Last week, five days ago to be exact, when I made my last post, I decided to read my old blog posts. I posted on MySpace back in the day (what a joke, right?) and unfortunately, MySpace Blogs no longer exist. I had to download all my old blog entries as a zip file because they no longer exist online. So now, they are all on my computer for me to access one by one.

Anyhow, I posted on MySpace up until I started this blog, which was in February 2011. It is where I blogged through most of my twenties. I sat here and read entries from long ago and all I could think was how badly I wish I could go back and hug that younger version of myself and tell her that things would be okay. I wish I could tell her that the negative people in her life would make their way out and stop taking her joy away. I would tell her not to worry about what others thought and to focus on making people who matter happy.

Oh, I was just precious back then. The things I thought were important! Simply adorable.

Right now, I am happy that my life is drama-free. The only drama I am ever involved in is when I argue with Dustin, which is hardly ever. Our last argument was over two months ago and we hugged it out the following day. I avoid drama and confrontations at work because ain’t nobody got time fo’ that. Friends and family? Love them. Would never fight with them.

This flow to life, this smooth sailing, it allows me to focus on my altruism and I love it! Last month, I went to a City Council meeting to speak up for Dallas Animal Services. Earlier this month, I protested animal testing. In two days, I will be protesting the circus (eff them!). Also, now that my knee is better, I can start volunteering at the animal shelter again! I even bought a new leash today! I am so ready to start helping out with the big doggies.

This decade is off to a good start! I cannot wait to see what is in store for me.

Stay young at heart, folks!


Turning 30

It’s the eve of my thirtieth birthday and I hadn’t given much thought to the fact until writing this statement.

How to summarize my twenties? 

When I was twenty, I was entering my junior year at Texas A&M and hating life in College Station. I wanted to move back to Dallas desperately.

On the eve of my twenty-first birthday, my first dog, Shiba passed away. I didn’t celebrate that milestone birthday at all.

At twenty-two, I had graduated from A&M, but was jobless. I would later be hired by the SPCA of Texas, a job that had a very significant impact on my life because of the duties it entailed and the people it introduced me to.

At twenty-three, I enrolled at Cedar Valley College to become a Registered Veterinary Technician. Being a full-time student while also being just a few hours shy of being a full-time employee at the SPCA was challenging, but rewarding. It was a busy and exciting time in my life, being a part of multiple social circles and constantly surrounded by interesting people.

When I was twenty-four… Oy! 2008 was a rough year. My ferrets passed away within months of one another, my best friend (whom I worked with) went on maternity leave, school was taking its toll on me, I was involved in drama at work, my ego took a beating… That year gave me a lot to blog about.

At twenty-five, I was halfway through the decade and feeling fantastic about life! 2008 was over, I was done with school, I left the SPCA for a job that was very close to home and where I could put all my new skills to work, I had been a vegetarian for a year. I was the healthiest and most energized I had been since I was a young teenager and felt beautiful. I ended 2009 falling for Dustin. I was having the time of my life.

At twenty-six, I finally decided to apply to vet school and was accepted.

At twenty-seven, I moved back to College Station for school, struggled throughout, and eventually left and moved back to Dallas.

At twenty-eight, I was back in Dallas and trying to pick the pieces of my life back up. Lucky for me, I still had my wonderful family, friends, and Dustin and all their love. So really, the only pieces for me to gather up were the ones from my professional life. I started working at CVSC, and after more than two years at that job, I am still happy there. I worked at the SPCA for three years and at Rutherford Veterinary Hospital for two. Those years felt ETERNAL!

This last year has been good to me as well. There hasn’t been much to complain about and sometimes, that’s all I could and should ask for.

I am still on a mission to be my healthiest and happiest self. My hope for this decade is that I continue to challenge myself with goals without wishing for more than I should. I hope to be more focused and determined. I hope to enjoy the simplicity of life. I hope to make the world a slightly better place through my volunteer work.

Good job, young Daisy. Now, it’s time to get shit done!


There’s more

Yesterday’s post was written while I was on my break at work. I mentioned having much to write about, but ended up only writing about my knee.

Now, it’s Saturday, it’s my day off, and I can write more. The thing is, I can’t even remember what it was I wanted to spill yesterday and right now, my mind is jello. Actually, it’s filled with all the dreams I had last night. It’s muddy.

Stupid dreams. Why don’t they let the past remain in the past? There are faces I would rather not see again and conversations I would rather not repeat, yet there goes my brain, letting them creep into my active conscious by way of my dreams. Dreams that I always remember so vividly. So I am awake right now, in this quiet, dark apartment (yay, clouds!), thinking about the past and analyzing it once more, as if there is anything left for me to evaluate or interpret.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Whatever. I actually have plenty to smile about today. It’s the weekend, the weather is being so friendly, my workouts are becoming more active, I got a huge bonus on my paycheck, and I just feel good about life.

Be good and feel good!




There is very much I want to write about. I don’t even know where to begin.

There was that funk I was in last month when I was given orders to stay off my feet. I was the last thing I wrote about. Well, a few days later I went to see an orthopedist who gave me a much more positive prognosis. Then, I started seeing a physical therapist a few times a week. A change in medications and a few key exercises and my knee started feeling A LOT better. I was almost in disbelief when thinking about how slowly my knee healed in the first two weeks (before seeing the orthopedist and beginning physical therapy) versus how quickly it healed in just a few days.

Now, I am pretty much back to normal except for some minor pain here and there when I apply too much pressure on it or have it bumped. The bruising on my leg is still ghastly, but I do not care: it’s summertime and will show off my legs if I want to!

Slowly but surely, I will return to running. I am continuing work on the stationary bike, then I should be moving on to the elliptical, then I will start jogging, and finally… I will be running again. The thought just fills me with flutters of excitement and anxiety. I cannot wait! During my last physical therapy session, they had me do exercises with weights and I flew right through them. I felt so proud because before, I had only done static stretches. When I was asked if I wanted to amp things up, I very enthusiastically responded that I did! I was told to speak up if any of the exercises were too much, but they were not. They felt fantastic! felt fantastic!

So currently, I am in a state of happy stupor. I  can squat, I can lunge, I can kick, I can dance, I can jump. I can go on my long walks again. I can start volunteering (walking dogs) again. And, I know I keep coming back to it, but I can eventually start running again!

The excitement is almost too much to contain. It certainly cannot be contained in a blog post.

Have a happy, joyful day!