Friday night musings.

April already.

These days, I really do feel that I am pretty much doing life right. I spend as much time as possible with my friends and family, but because I live alone, I get plenty of much-needed me time as well. I am reconnecting with old friends, and building foundations for new friendships all at once. I have become more willing to take chances and do things just to say that I tried and did it. I am learning, constantly learning, always observing, my mind is growing. I ignore those that do not vibe with my vibes. Everyone says to be kind, but I choose to simply not be mean. My kindness is reserved for those who deserve it, and I am good with that. Same goes for my friendship.

I feel as though I have so much to look forward to, and it’s because I do.

Life is so dreamy right now. It’s romancing me, I am in love with it again. It’s all so rosy.

Look at how far I have come, how much I have changed in the past year. It’s like I am finally becoming the person I was meant to be.

This is good.