Weekend o’ fun.

Happy to say that I, for once, had an amazing holiday weekend. Working in the field that I do, holidays and weekends are almost nonexistent, so I rarely am able to enjoy extended weekends like most people do. Thanks to a co-worker who needed me to switch days with her, though, I got yesterday off and today, the hospital was closed. Oh, it was nice!

I spent the weekend with my Dustin, relaxing at/in the pool, hanging with his friends, watching Sopranos, winning trivia at the bar, pigging out on pizza, grilling by the pool. It was so perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. I’m so happy.

To make things better, I’m not quite back to reality yet. Since I work on weekends, I’m off during the week. No work tomorrow or the day after… Life is great!

Another Daisy Day.

I’m writing this as I watch the Mavs. Western Conference Finals, baby!

Work today was weird. It started with a grown-ass man bawling his eyes out over his very ill dog. There is something incredibly heartbreaking about seeing a man cry inconsolably over his pet. I knew how he felt, I wanted to hug him, I wanted to thank him for loving his dog so much, and I wish there were people like him in this world. Tillie, your dad loves you, sweet girl.

The rest of the day was uneventful, and its banality soon made me forget the emotional start. Fortunately, I got off at a good time, though, and was able to run on the trail this evening. The best part about going out for a run, besides the health benefits, is definitely the cooling down (the walking). I do a lot of thinking when I walk alone, no phone nor Canelo Dog to distract me. It does me so much good. There is no better way for me to relax… Well, besides chilling in a pool!

Gah, I wanna go to the pool!

All I write about is vet school.

Good news! I finally received my packet from vet school earlier this week. It’s the packet with my new email accounts, instructions on how to sign in to the vet school web portal, how to sign up to have a mentor, information about orientation, a list of the student organizations on campus, and that dreaded supply list. There will be plenty of shopping for me to do this summer. Lab coats, coveralls, stethoscope, dissection kit, and books books books! Thank goodness they sent the supply list so early. It gives me time to get everything I need.

Today was hectic, because of vet school preparations. I was all over town getting documents together so that I can apply for a very, very important scholarship, one that I am almost guaranteed to get simply because I have two foreign-born parents. Today involved going to Eastfield for a financial aid transcript, then going to Kinkos to 1) print a pdf copy of my tax return from my travel drive, 2) make copies of my parents’ tax return and W2s along with my own W2, and 3) fax financial aid transcript requests to TCU and A&M. After that, I came home to update my FAFSA application. As a professional student in the health field, I need to include my parents’ information on my application in order to get even more federal help. Gotta get that money! Gotta pay for my place, my food, my babies’ food, and freakin’ health insurance!

One thing that I was completely excited about when I got my packet: by joining the Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association at A&M, I will be able to purchase Science Diet pet food for 80% off! Awesome, since that’s what Canelo, Miguel, and Smartie already eat. I currently get it through work for a reasonable discount, but 80% off?! Wowzers. They’ll be better fed than I am!

The countdown continues: 95 days until my first day of school.