Week two begins.

Short post, just some minor things on my mind.

I have added several of my (awesome) classmates on facebook and often realize, via their status updates or check-ins, that they are constantly studying. What great motivation! I’m not the only person spending hour after hour studying my poor little brain off. I gotta keep up!

I am not too happy about the regular school year beginning. Undergrads are everywhere! They crowd up the buses, they get in your way, they drive up and down the street that you are trying to cross with your dog, they make too much noise in the hallways… I will eventually add to this list.

Actually, that’s all that’s on my mind right now. Back to studying!

One week down, many more to go.

It has been such an overwhelming week, but I have to remind myself that I asked for this. I want to be a doctor, I want to help animals, I want to dedicate my life to them. I just have to remember each and every amazing, adorable creature I have ever met in my life, and tell myself that they are worth all my time and stress and all the studying and the exhaustion and all the dang money that I am spending. This is where I belong and this is what I am meant to be doing.

Part of the reason I am so exhausted is the fact that I have to haul so much stuff around. My backpack is stuffed with notes, books, school supplies, and veterinary equipment. Since I have an anatomy lab, one that involves the stinky act of dissection, I also have to carry extra clothes and shoes around. I always pack a lunch and on certain days, I haul a box of bones as well. It’s tiring and awkward, but it must be done. I do have a locker on campus, but I still have to carry everything around when going to and from bus stops and onto and off the buses. So not fun.

Another reason I am tired? My schedule. Classes from nine to five on Mondays, eight to five on Tuesdays and Thursdays, eight to three on Wednesdays, and ten to noon on Fridays (although on certain weeks, there are extra class meetings or exams scheduled for Friday afternoons). To make it to class by eight, I have to wake up at six, get ready, walk Canelo, eat breakfast, pack a lunch, and catch the first bus at seven, which takes me to main campus. From there, I grab a second bus to the vet school. I usually arrive by 7:35, which gives me time to take all my junk to my locker and drop my lunch off in the lounge. In the afternoons, when I am done with classes, I usually have to wait a while for both buses since they aren’t as well coordinated as they are in the mornings. This means waiting around in 100 degree weather… draining! By the time I get home, I just wanna zonk out, but I can’t because, believe me, there is plenty of studying to be done. Oy!

I am still excited, though! I am going to learn so much and the people I have met are all so nice and incredibly smart and talented. Oh! I am just thrilled about my anatomy lab partners! They are both cool as can be, we communicate well and work very well together. You can meet the nicest people in the world, but that does not guarantee that you will be able to work well with them. We lucked out and I could not be happier.

In other happy news, I will be making my first, albeit short, trip back to Dallas in one week! Leaving with Abner on Friday afternoon, spending Saturday there, then coming back with my brother and Dustin on Sunday so that we can all go to the football game that night! I can not wait! Thinking positively and looking forward to the littlest of things. That’s how I am going to make it through vet school.

***Thanks, Cristina, for encouraging me to write this!***


Am I really going to be this upset every time Dustin leaves College Station after spending the weekend here with me? I just want to cry, I am so sad. For the first five minutes after he had left, I laid in my bed, right next to the window, waiting to see if maybe he had forgotten something and was making his way up the stairs back to me. He never did. He is well on his way home to Dallas now while I am still here feeling all sorts of down.

It wouldn’t be so bad except I know that I won’t be seeing him next weekend and will instead have to go nearly two weeks without seeing him… Sad daisy. Yes, there are couples who go longer, much longer, without seeing each other, but this is all new to me so being this upset is completely reasonable, right?

I better get busy. First day of classes tomorrow. The beginning of my ridiculously busy schedule. I need to make sure I am as close to one-hundred percent ready as I can be.

howdy hey

It must be required for a person to be friendly in order to be accepted into vet school. Everyone has been so kind and chatty these past couple days. I am trying my best to learn names and not have to rely on the name tags that we are expected to wear (always!), but there are just so many students, so many faces. I look forward to really start to get to know my classmates and to start sharing this crazy experience with them. It’s gonna be a good one.

Throughout orientation, different organizations and companies have been providing our breakfasts and lunches. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to enjoy them much. Yesterday’s breakfast consisted of chicken sandwiches from Chick-Fil-A and today’s consisted of breakfast tacos from Taco Cabana. I’m a vegetarian who doesn’t eat eggs. Dang.

Lunch today was from Pei-Wei so I chowed down on some noodles and veggies. Although I don’t believe in fortunes or horoscopes or such things, I thought it was funny that my fortune said that now is a good time for me to make new friends. I already knew that, though! Duh.

On with the remainder of my afternoon! Last day of orientation tomorrow, finally. 🙂

Trouble already.

Today was going well. I woke up early to catch the seven o’clock bus, which took me to campus. From there, I grabbed another bus at 7:25 to take me to the vet school. I was at the vet school by 7:35. Very good. So regardless of traffic, regardless of weather, and regardless of that blasted train that passes right through the middle of College Station, I should have little to no problem making it to my eight o’clock class Tuesday through Thursday. Riding my bicycle would be twenty minutes faster, but with this heat, the ride is not very pleasant and I will arrive at school drenched in sweat. I don’t mind getting sweaty, mind you, but when our appearance is expected to be professional… Well, I just can’t have it. Once the weather cools down, I’ll definitely be biking.

Anyhow, yes, today started off well. I was pleased with the buses and later on, I took another trip on them to have my picture taken for school. After I got home from that, I decided to relax a little and made myself a nice, big avocado sandwich with lettuce and mustard. Unfortunately, it was too big. When I opened my mouth to take my first bite, I opened too wide and my jaw popped. I tried to pop it back into place, but couldn’t. It hurt, like a headache on the side of my face. I was still unbelievably hungry, though, and my beautiful sandwich was still sitting on the counter. I took a couple of bites, chewed, and started crying. The pain was absolutely excruciating.The only time I have felt pain worse than that was when I had two of my molars crushed and pulled out.

 After discussions about my unfortunate accident with my parents and my Dustin, I decided to ride my bike down the street to HEB for ibuprofen and soft foods. Thank goodness they actually had vegan yogurt! For dinner I had mashed potatoes and wheat bread. The only way I was able to eat the bread was by tearing off pieces of it, putting them in my mouth, letting them soak down, and then “chewing” them with my tongue. Not fun, but at least I ate. The pain isn’t as bad now, and hopefully will be even less noticeable tomorrow. Depending on how it feels, I just might have to go to the campus health center. Fun fun.

All this the day before Orientation. [sigh] I must stay positive and hope that tomorrow, my jaw won’t hurt too much for me to smile. Fingers are crossed, hopes are high. Good night.

Back in Aggieland

The weeks leading to my move were too hectic for me to find the time or the right state of mind to blog. My birthday passed, my going-away party was thrown, I had good times with my Dallas friends and buddies,  and I spent quality time with my family and Dustin. The days since my last post flew, just as I had expected them to.

In all the madness, my beloved boy, Canelo Dog, got a urinary tract infection. It started off with him vomiting his dinner on Wednesday night, which I initially blew off (he usually does that when he eats too fast). Then I realized that he would not stop heaving. Sure enough, two hours later, more vomiting and a lot of restlessness. At three in the morning, he threw up for the third time, yellow bile so I knew his stomach was empty. The following day, he was fasted, I syringe-fed him Pedialyte, and injected him with subcutaneous fluids. No more vomiting. At that point, I thought maybe the issue was anxiety. Our room at the time was an utter mess, with boxes covering the floor, stacked on each other, crowding us into discomfort. By Friday, however, I had noticed blood in his urine, and ruled out mere anxiety as the cause for his sickness. He had an infection and needed antibiotics. Thankfully, my best friend Cent works for the Humane Society and GAVE us the meds needed. Awesome awesome awesome.

The trip here wasn’t easy for my babies, all five of us crowded into the back seat of my Dad’s pickup, while Dad and Dustin rode up front. Smartie pooped in her kennel and got carsick. Miguel couldn’t get comfortable and missed his nap. Cholula hated riding in the kennel, and Canelo just did not have enough space. Oh, but we made it! They’re settling into our new place, Cholula being the most thrilled of them all. She is happy running from room to room to explore. My sweet princess.

[sigh] Mom had a rough time saying goodbye to me. I had a rough time saying goodbye to Dustin. Thank goodness for cell phones, eh? So the next four years of my life begin. On to FINALLY become a doctor, a doctor to the cutest patients on the planet. I’m ready! 🙂