Get sprung!

Do you remember the following:

  1. How much I looked forward to everything there was to do during the fall?
  2. How much I complained about winter?
Well, things are looking up now. At last! We are now less than three weeks away from Daylight Savings Time, which means the sun will now set an hour later (hooray). We are also only a month away from the first day of spring! Oh, this daisy is ready to bloom away. I have so much lined up for this spring, it reminds me of  how busy the fall season was. Read along and (if you can) join me on any of these adventures.
  1. The North Texas Irish Festival on March 2nd – Dustin and I spend all day at this thing. I look forward to it every year… It has become my annual reminder that spring is on its way and I just love the people   there and how genuinely happy they are to celebrate the Irish culture.
  2. Tap ‘n’ Run on March 9th – Because beers and running go hand and hand, right?
  3. St Paddy’s Day Dash Down Greenville on March 17th – Again: drinking and running. This one is even followed by a parade. Can’t beat that.
  4. The Big Texas Beer Fest on April 6th – Why do so many of these events involve drinking? Haha
  5. The Deep Ellum Arts Festival on April 7th – I love supporting local artists and I am curious to see what other local vintage sellers have to offer.
  6. The Texas Scottish Festival on May 4th – Never been to this one. As much as I love the Irish Festival, though, I am sure I will thoroughly enjoy it.
That’s all I have for now. Festivals, 5Ks, and drinking. What more could a daisy gal ask for?