Dustin loves Daisy

We say the words to each other so often, multiple times a day. I love you. We don’t say them so much that they have lost their value, though. I know that when we both say them, we both mean them. Actions speak louder than words, however, and as much as I enjoy hearing him express that sentiment in spoken word, the little things he does just floor me.

On Friday, I overslept and was so late that walking Canelo before work was a no-go. Dustin heard me wake up in a panic and without hesitation, let me know that I did not have to worry. He promised to take my sweet boy out for me, even though that meant him having to chnage up his morning routine. Thank. goodness.

Yesterday, I convinced him to go to the Texas A&M football game with me. Note: the Texas Aggies are not his team. His team is from Austin. They call themselves the Texas Longhorns. Going to the game with me meant not watching his own team and giving up a day of gaming. Not only did he go, but he even did Saw Varsity’s Horns Off with me. That’s the part of the game when all Aggies link arms and legs, sway together, and loudly sing about sawing the longhorns off. Here’s a video example of it. This is what I forced Dustin to do:

It’s not exactly something a Longhorn fan would be fond of listening to, let alone participate in. He must really love me.

Today, I woke up hungry, but did some busywork before really thinking about eating. By the time that work was done, I was READY to eat and on the verge of becoming hangry. I thought I had some vegan enchiladas in the fridge, but as it turned out, they all had cheese in them and thus, belonged to Dustin. Not being in the mood for cooking, I ordered Thai delivery. My food arrived about thirty minutes later and I gladly indulged in it. As I was eating, Dustin got up to warm up his enchiladas.

“Did me eating make you hungry?” I asked.

“I was already hungry, but I knew you were hungry and didn’t want to eat before you did.”

He’s so polite and sweet. This man knows how awful I become when I am hungry and so, he waited. He’s not only polite and sweet, he’s selfless! I can’t help but think of those questionnaires that ask women to rank the qualities they want in a man. The choices are always the same old adjectives: intelligent, funny, passionate, attractive, rich, and so on. Well, my favorite attribute in Dustin is his selflessness.

He thinks about me, takes my feelings into consideration, tiptoes around me at times (I know that’s awful and I wish he didn’t feel the need to do that) all because he loves me. Ugh. I still adore every time he says I love you to me, but the seemingly trivial things he does are all the convincing I need to try to keep this fella around forever.

I do his laundry!


Sing a song

Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?

Number One: Ron con Coca-Cola by Mister Chivo

The first song in my memory, the first song I remember singing. My mind associates this song, and Mr. Chivo in general, to road trips, Mexico, and my parents. If my memory reaches back to when I was four years old, then my Mom was twenty-eight while my Dad was thirty at the time that I learned this song. They were pretty much the age that I am now. This is the music they were listening to at my age, what they played in the car, what they danced to, what they allowed my brother and me to listen to. While it may not be a lyrical or musical masterpiece, this song is damn special.

Number Two: December Days by The Rocket Summer

It’s my go-to song, and has been for the past twelve years. I can be in the absolute worst mood, but can instantly feel better with this song. I don’t even have to listen to it… As long as I sing it out loud and dance to it, all is well. Get you back into my life, gotta get you get you back into myyyy liiiiiiife!

Number Three: Can’t Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon

This is the first song that Dustin told me made him think of me. He told me that he would listen to it on repeat in his car while driving away from dropping me off at my house after each hangout session. He told me that he didn’t know how to feel about falling for me? Something along those lines. That was five years ago and I don’t remember the details, but I do remember it all being very sweet and me feeling all sorts of butterflies.

That’s it. Those are my songs. They may not be epic, but they’re it for me.

Prompt: Free write for twenty minutes

I want to blog more often. I really do enjoy it. I have been blogging for nearly ten years. My oldest posts are no longer online and exist only as a zip file on this computer. I saw a blogger I follow post about a daily writing challenge. Today’s challenge was simple: Just write for twenty minutes. Do not stop. Keep writing. Then, be bold enough to publish it. So that’s what I’m doing. I will not edit this or pretty it up when I am done. I will simply post it.

Right now, I’m lounging on my couch while the tv is playing the Monday Night Football game. I am excited about life, although you wouldn’t be able to tell from my body language. When I say that I am “lounging” what I really mean is “slouching”. I’m just tired. I am excited, though.

Tonight, I was able to share some good news with the four people who matter most to me: Mom, Dad, Dustin, and Cent. I didn’t think about who I wanted to share my news with. I just grabbed my phone and those were the four people I felt like telling and after I had, I was content. I didn’t feel the need to tell anybody else. It is very clear who the most important people in my life are. I am so fortunate to have them all.

Dustin is currently playing on his computer and tablet. He’s driving me to work bright and early tomorrow morning so I bought him some coffee pods for his Verismo. I know nothing about coffee since I don’t drink it, but I did well when choosing that thing as a Christmas gift for him last year. He hasn’t used it much in months, though, because he hates drinking coffee when the weather is warm. He’ll be drinking more coffee in the coming weeks, I’m sure.

Can you believe the weather this weekend? I was actually cold! I know that’s not saying much because I’m always cold, but come on! Going from 100 degrees to below 60 is pretty crazy. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I shivered when I walked Canelo on Saturday morning! I’m excited about my runs not being so miserable, though.

Ugh. The Eagles just scored. I promise I haven’t stopped writing as the game continues. I can just hear the play-by-play.I’m a Cowboys fan so naturally, I am not an Eagles fan. I hope the Colts can get their act together and pull away with the win here.

Oh! I am looking forward to this Saturday! My Aggies are playing here in Dallas against SMU and I am going to the game with my cousin, Ellie! I cannot wait… It will be my first football game this season. I hope the weather is nice. I really haven’t paid attention to what it will be like the remainder of this week. It did get warm again today.

How have I only been writing for ten minutes?!

Hmmm… what else?

I wish the weather would get cooler instead of just plain cold. I look forward to walking everywhere again. I really want to just get out and about to take photographs. I’m out of practice. My camera is so amazing, but I haven’t been using it nearly enough. I’ve used it at work here and there, but other than that? Nothing. I think I’ll take it out to Downtown Carrollton and then out to Downtown Dallas. I have some exploring to do. I love exploring!

This time of the year just fills me with energy! September and October just seem to fly by, though! We’re already halfway through this month! How is that even possible? The sad thing is that once October is over, I just feel that there is little to look forward to. I’m not one of those people who gets into the holiday spirit much. I’ll try to this year, but it’s just not me. I’m not a Scrooge or a Grinch, mind you. I just don’t care for the hoopla. I definitely don’t care for the cold weather!

Anyhow, I still have half of September and all of October to look forward to and really, my weekends are already pretty full. There are some weekends where I’ll have to choose some things over others. For example: Oktoberfest or football? Comic Con or Veggie Fair? Oh! And hockey hockey hockey will be back in less than four weeks! Same thing goes for The Walking Dead! Oh, I can hardly take it!

I am going to try my best to soak it all in and enjoy it before the arrival of winter. Darn you, winter. you’re already ruining my thoughts and summer isn’t even officially over yet!

My twenty minutes are up!

I love my parents.

My parents came to visit me last night. Not for very long since my Dad had to wake up very early this morning, but they drove an hour (thirty minutes here and thirty minutes back) just to spend an equal amount of time with me. Isn’t that sweet? I’m smiling about it as I type. I hadn’t thought about their visit all day, but now I am finally home and sitting here with my thoughts. Now, I’m recalling the visit and just how special it made me feel.

Work was exhausting again today. We’ve just been so busy lately! While standing in the operating room during a lengthy surgery this afternoon, I caught a glimpse of a pigeon hopping around outside and thought, “want to be outside!” Work is so time-consuming! It’s life-consuming, for just about everyone. Sometimes I feel as though we can’t all be our true selves because we spend so much of our lives working (I’m not only referring to myself here, but all humans in the work force). My true self would be outside with that pigeon being an absolute weirdo. It’s frustrating that I can’t always do exactly what I want to do because of consequences, because such is life.

Just when I was on the verge of lamenting, I thought of my parents’ visit. My parents just remind me about how simple life can be. They are so humbling. Maybe it’s because they remind me of my childhood. Maybe it’s because they have loved and respected me since I was a nonproductive human being (a kid). Maybe it’s because I know that I can fail miserably and find them welcoming home with open arms, ready to take care of me as if I had never left. Whatever it is, they make me forget all that worries me or frustrates me or angers me or annoys me. I just forget and then… Then I’m my true self, just like I want to be.

Oh, I love those two. I needed their visit. And I needed to remember their visit. I can’t wait to see them again.

Always learning

Graduating does not mean you are done learning. Getting that diploma or that degree is not the final act. I may not enroll at an education institution, pay tuition, obsess over a GPA anymore, but I am still a student of life.

In my line of work, it is required that we obtain a minimum amount of Continuing Education hours each and every year, which I dutifully fulfill and do feel satisfaction from. I want to learn more, though. About many other subjects. Wouldn’t it be nice to be a sort of Jack of All Trades? To be like Leonardo, who was an artist, scientist, inventor, philosopher? Why focus on one field of study? Why not broaden the library of knowledge that dwells in my daisy brain?

Maybe it’s the fact that it’s early “fall” (I am fully aware that we are still over two weeks away from its official arrival) and after a summer break, many many students have returned to their studies. I am not one of them, which is fine, but I want to increase my knowledge too! I want to experience the satisfaction of scoring well on a test (something that I do not experience when attending C.E.)! I want to practice new skills, skills not related to my line of work. Skills I pick up just for the heck of it! I work in the field of medicine… Biology, physiology, anatomy, pharmacology are the subjects that rule my work world. How about a little brain power in the fields of art, culture, and creativity? A little more to help self-expression?

I have found a very thorough course in photography, which I can work through at my own pace and includes quizzes and tests (huzzah!). I started working on the first module last night and already love it. I also downloaded several Social Media Marketing tutorials to improve my work in that field. Last month, I purchased audio French Lessons, which I listen to using Audible on my phone. Finally, I have been practicing my calligraphy a lot more, thanks in part to the awesome pens my Dustin gave me as a gift.

It is as though I am currently taking four classes, just as I would if I were an “actual” student! Well, I would really be taking five, that’s what I did almost every semester, so let’s count my running as a credit in kinesiology!

Always the nerd, Daisy. Always.