I got the funk.

It pains me to write this because I never EVER get sick, but alas, the funk has hit me and is being stubborn and won’t go away.

It started last Wednesday night. I went to bed with a scratchy feeling in my throat. It took me a while to fall asleep that night and after only a few hours of sleeping, Canelo woke me up asking me to take him outside. That was a little before 5AM. I usually wake up at six. Once I had gotten up and taken him outside, though, I was never able to fall asleep again.

I went to work that morning and had very little energy, which I blamed on the lack of sleep. It was a slow day at work and management was starting to send people home. I was one of the lucky ones so I hopped on the train, made my way home, and went straight to bed. Sneezing, head hurting, body not wanting to do much of anything.

I stayed in bed all day hoping to be better by Friday morning. That didn’t happen. I was sent home again. Stayed in bed Friday, stayed in bed Saturday, missed my best friend’s birthday Saturday night, caught up on schoolwork yesterday, missed a gathering with friends yesterday, find myself still in bed today. Headache is gone. Energy is coming back to me. Still with the terrible runny nose. Throw a nasty, but productive cough into the mix. You know… the kind with the phlegm. Lovely, huh?

This is so annoying. It’s been years since I have had what I am self-diagnosing as a cold and I just do not remember how long it usually takes for these suckers to run their course through me. I have not taken anything because most medications just alleviate the symptoms and the symptoms are really just my body’s immune system trying to get rid of the funk.

All I know is that regardless of how I am feeling tomorrow, I have floor tickets to Lady Gaga and I will wait all day in the rain for a good spot among the crowd. Also, I can’t afford to miss work anymore. I have school to pay for and more fun to have.

Hot, I know.

Here’s hoping that all you lovelies do not catch this plague as well. Happy Monday and have a fantastic week!

Into week two

My health and wellness plan is off to a good start. I only wish that today wasn’t such a rainy day so that I could go for a run. I will have to play catch up this weekend instead. I also wish that the sun wouldn’t set so early so that I could run after getting home from work, but let’s not get back into the whole “I Hate Winter” discussion once more.

The point is that I am eating well, exercising regularly, paying attention to my intake of nutrients (especially those lacking in a vegetarian diet), and starting the year off with much-needed energy. The one thing I have to work on is sleeping better during my work week. Oh, that’s a tough one for me.

I have started the new semester this week after pondering whether or not to take a break for the first eight weeks and take once class from March to May. I decided to just stick with the program and get shit done instead. The class I am taking should be interesting. It’s about health care in America…

I have other things on my plate as well, which is why I was so hesitant to register for school. I have to find the right balance in life, though, and not let school and work rule my world. Overall, I have a feeling that this will be a great year for me, as long as I take it week by week, remain focused, and remember to enjoy all that is happening to me.

More thoughts about critters

Today was a weird day at work. Although I have been through it myself, it breaks my heart to see families so distraught over the loss of a furry family member. My heart breaks for the brave little critters, but also for the people whose lives will have a terrible void that can not be filled. I still cry over the ones I have lost along the way, even though it’s been years since I have had to endure such losses. I guess, being the positive thinker that I am, it is at least comforting to know that those animals were loved and that good, loving pet-owners do exist.

When I got home from work this evening, old Canelo Dog enthusiastically greeted me. He hopped about and wagged his tail. Every day I see that tail wag is a day I have a reason to smile. Smartie followed me around when I got home and started meowing for food. I found Cholula all snuggled up underneath a blanket on my bed. Miguel purred for me when I gave him a “hello” pat on the head.

That’s really all I have to say. Love your critters, y’all. Spoil them and always be thankful for the moments you are lucky enough to share with them.


My girls seem both seem to enjoy playing with my hair while I sleep. And by my girls, I mean my two daughters. And by my two daughters, I mean Cholula (my ferret) and Smartie (my kitty).

Cholula likes to take my hair, “dig” into it, tangle it up into some sort of nest, and sleep in it. Of course, I feel and hear her while she does this, she does it on my pillow just by my ear, and I try my best not to move my head at all while she is sleeping there. It does not matter how uncomfortable I become because these moments are the ones that I will be sure to miss one day.

Smartie’s shenanigans are much more destructive. This smooth criminal likes to bat at my loose hair with her paws, capture a few strands with her claws, and proceed to chew on those strands, sometimes to the point of chewing them off completely. There have been mornings when I wake up with a few wet strands and notice chunks of hair on my bed. Can I please blame all bad hair days on her? It’s the least I should be entitled to, right? I refuse to ban her from my bedroom while I sleep. The poor sweetheart would cry all night if I did. I have tried to sleep with my hair in a braid, but I just can not do it. Ah, well.

Such are the joys of welcoming four-legged critters into your home.

I may as well mention my boys. By my boys, I mean my sons. And by my sons, I mean Canelo (my dog) and Miguel (my other kitty).

Old man Canelo Dog. He is now twelve years old and (thankfully) aging well. He is aging, nonetheless, however, and there are many signs and changes to prove it. It makes me sad to think that the best of his years have already passed and that I may only have a few years with him left. So, this kid can pretty much get away with anything at this point.

He can tear up my sheets, not because he is destructive, but because I now allow him to sleep on my bed while I am away and in an effort to make himself comfortable, he tears at my bed. He can pretty much force me to sleep in the most uncomfortable positions when he is afraid of thunder and wants to sleep on the bed with me. He can stink up my room by going weeks without a bath because he hates them and I don’t want to torture him. He can jump on furniture with his muddy feet because he prefers to just lay down and relax on my comfy couch right after his long walks and I am not quick enough with the paw-wiping. He can get his fur ALL OVER everything around him (my blankets, my clothes, inside my shoes, everything). It is all okay.

My sweet boy. He has paid his dues and has been a wonderful dog throughout his years. I feel as though I am in debt to him. I can not tell you enough how much he means to me.

Then there’s Miguel. Miguel is my fat and lazy cat who does nothing but sleep, eat, and take care of potty business. He is the friendliest cat, with the softest fur and loudest purr, and is the perfect cuddle pet for cold weather. Sometimes, especially when I am tired or stressed, all I want to do is sit on the couch, get lost in mindless television, and pet Miguel while he is loafing on my lap. It’s perfect. I love that fat cat.

So I have begun my year absolutely in love with my critters, thankful for every day with them, and amazed by their little personalities.

Happy new year, y’all.