Today, I woke up proud to be an NFL fan, and a sports fan in general (I am looking at you, Bruce Maxwell, Bron, Steph). I have the following to say about this ordeal:

If you are angry or disgusted by the players who have taken a knee, please add my name right next to theirs.

I am one of them. A peaceful protestor. I have been protesting, marching, and rallying since I was 18, which coincides with when I started voting. I’m an American gal who likes to exercise her rights, okay?

A little FYI: there are people who hate me without even knowing me. I have been called unpatriotic, told to get the fuck out of this country, and there are even those who wish me dead. Really.

They say I have nothing better to do and nothing to offer to this country, to my community. They say I’m ungrateful.

I beg to differ. I think I do plenty. My lifestyle is pretty darn active!

I offer kindness to others, my friends, my family, animals, and strangers (especially those in unfortunate circumstances). My gratitude overflows, it is the reason I live to give back.

I am not going to get the fuck out, sillies, and I take care to be alive and well. I am going to do my patriotic duty, which is to try to make this country a lovely one, filled with equal opportunity, justice, and compassion, and devoid of bigotry. Let’s open up a conversation about that. That’s all I really want.

If all this makes me a “son of a bitch”, I’ll gladly take it. Add it to the list… Hippie, snowflake, nasty woman. I am still American!

Mom, I love you. Thank you for making me a chingona/SOB.

“With liberty and justice for ALL.”