This year is 75% DONE and I am writing about it.

It’s finally here.

Tomorrow, the high temperatures here will drop below 90 and remain there for the next ten days (at least that’s what is predicted for the time being). How fitting, that it will happen on the first day of October. Going back to last week, I could not bring myself to get excited about the first day of fall, not when the high for the day was 95 or something. What a slap in the face. Now, though? I am overjoyed.

You see, training for this marathon that I will be running in a little over two months has been less than pleasant given the weather. Since June, I have had to get out of bed just a little after 5am and squeeze runs in before heading to work. Running after work was simply not an option – not when the sun continued to beat down until nearly 9pm and temperatures kept hovering in the 90s. During the wee hours of the mornings, temperatures were still uncomfortably warm, in the 80s, but at least the sun was not cooking me up and depending on the route I took, I could freshen up by running through sprinklers. Still… M I S E R A B L E.

The worst part? Long runs. Toughing through 30 minutes and being done with things? Cool. Racking up miles and running for periods longer than an hour? Not so cool. This weekend I am scheduled to run 14 miles. Oh, weather. Your timing is perfect. I am ready to kick things into higher gear. Please cooperate, knees.


I am hoping that with the change in season, there will be other changes in life as well. Monotony will be the death of me if I allow it to consume my life. I want to read new books, explore different ideas, meet strangers, get the hell out of Carrollton. I need a hair cut and I am planning new routes for my long runs. I need to volunteer more. A lot more. And, more than anything, I should spend less time on social media, get off my phone, be outdoors, look around, and be an explorer of the world around me.

If the weather stays on my side, this is all very do-able. If the weather is a bitch, it is less do-able and I will have to quit being such a baby and not make excuses. Do you remember my old job? The one that kept me late virtually every night? The one that ruined my weekends every six weeks or so? The one that drained my body of energy and robbed my mind of exuberance? The one that kept me from being my true self? The one that led co-workers to ask me why I did not smile as much as I once did? That job… I don’t have it anymore.

Take advantage of that, Daisy. You boldly left for a reason. Make it count. Make the most of it. Enjoy it. Reap the rewards. All this time, all this energy – both physical and creative – Make use of it. Be happy. Be fulfilled. Why the hell not?

Why the hell not?