I want much more than this provincial life

“I want adventure in the great wide, somewhere.
I want it more than I can tell
And for once, it might be grand
To have someone understand
I want so much more than they’ve got planned.”

Belle sang those words oh-so-beautifully in Disney’s Beauty & Beast while running with arms wide open through a field behind her father’s little farm, on a hill, overlooking a forest, a river, and mountains. I watched each and every Disney film released during the studio’s Renaissance, and Belle was easily my favorite character from all those films.

I was seven when I met her, having learned how to read maybe a year or two prior, and already obsessed with books. Even at that age, I related to her because all I wanted to do was read. My sweet Mom took me to the public library at least once a week. If it had been up to me, however, I’d have been there everyday, much like Belle frequented the town’s bookshop. It would take no more than two days for me to read the books I checked out and so I was left to re-read them until our next trip. I memorized so many books. Crazy little creature, I was.

Now as an adult, I still love to read, though it saddens me that I do not do it as often as I should. It has been a couple of months since I was absolutely consumed by a book. Still, I relate to my old friend Belle, mostly because I want adventure now. I want to travel and try unimaginable things. I want to scream from the top of my lungs from excitement that can not be contained. I want to spring my muscles into action, I want to dance out of joy in impromptu locales, I want to see animals and flowers and trees that I have never seen before.

I don’t want to settle without my senses being stirred by novel sights, scents, and sounds. I want adventure anywhere and everywhere, including here in Dallas, here in Texas, here in the States. A few weeks ago, I made a trip to San Marcos and floated the Guadalupe River for the first time. That was enough of a first step to encourage me to take more. Now is the perfect time to make lasting memories.

Now is also the time to read read read. To live a thousand lives through the books that I lose myself in. And so with a clear mind and eyes and heart set on adventure, I will work to not be dulled by what is planned and expected. Life is too short for that, don’t you think?


I feel that I go through life trying to make peace with everything that happens around me and everything that happens to me. I can be extremely sensitive, insanely emotional, ridiculously analytical, and my goodness, I dwell on things like none other. Such things make it difficult for me to find tranquility. However, apart from being happy, being at peace with life is another goal that I need to set out to achieve each and everyday. I need to end each day being both happy and peaceful. One day at a time. One daisy day at a time.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

It’s July already!

Oh, no. I said I was going to write more. Here we are over a month later and nothing. Not wanting to make excuses for myself, but here’s the thing. A few things, actually:

  • I started my new job and my hours are bat-shit crazy. Pardon my language.
  • My computer has been down. That tech-savvy fella that I keep around (his name is Dustin) fixed it for me last weekend, though. Such joy. I bought him a steak dinner to thank him. Wait, no. That was us celebrating our two-and-a-half anniversary. I say he pays for year-anniversaries and I pay for half-years. 
  • Blogging from my phone just doesn’t cut it. How can I write well with such restrictions?

Here I am again, though. This last month has been a huge adjustment for me. A new job with the aforementioned crazy hours. A lot to learn, new people to learn to work with, a new schedule. I have been so busy that I didn’t see my friends during the entire month of June so I miss them terribly. Thankfully, my schedule varies even more this month and I have the next two Mondays off. Fun times with friends up ahead, for sure.
Fun times in Dallas up ahead in general. I am so excited and looking forward to life here again. I am determined to make the most of living here since I feel like I missed out so much while I was away. I want to do it all and go everywhere. Museums, parks, trails, restaurants, bars, shows, events, everything! I also want to run a 5K. Right now I have my eye on the Santa Fe Trail 5K, but October seems very far away. Pub crawls, zombie walks, Shakespeare in the Park. Fun fun fun.
Here’s hoping that I keep my job and keep a positive mentality. Hoping that people and attitudes don’t get the best of me. Hoping that I don’t dwell on the terrible things that are said to me. Hoping that I enjoy life as if this is the best time to have the best times.
Have a fantastic day!