Hello, good friend

I’m not going to lie to you, dear blog. I did forget about you these past few weeks. So how about as lengthy an update as I can muster?

Spring is here, I suppose. Honestly, in North Texas, it arrives and disappears, and returns, and just when you’ve put all your winter clothes away into storage, a cold front comes through. I find it all too annoying, constantly checking my weather app to make sure no drastic changes are coming or if the forecast has been altered in any way since the last time I checked. I prefer constant days of 100 degrees, as torturous as they may become, over this bipolar weather. For serious.

So although spring isn’t delivering the warm weather I had hoped for, it has delivered longer days. The sun rises earlier and sets later, giving me the sense that I have time to accomplish all that needs to be accomplished. I have added some things to my plate recently. I’ll go into that now…

In the future, when I return to this blog to read old entries, this particular one will be the one closest to the date of those awful Boston bombings and the explosion in West. The older I get, the more I sometimes feel that I am becoming desensitized to all the madness that happens in the world. The stories themselves are sad, but I become even sadder to realize that they are a norm. My attention was captured regardless, though, because I am a runner and because I have been a frequent visitor of that small town. What a rough week.

What a cause for reflection. I want to continue to run. I want to run a half-marathon by the end of the year. Maybe one day, I can even travel to run marathons in the great cities of the world. I want to continue working with animals and being an advocate for them. I want to use the voice that social media gives me to help those displaced by accidents and natural disasters. I want to continue to pursue my post-graduate degree in health care to help people as well, when they need it the most.

My mind will run away if I don’t stop this soon.

News from my tiny corner of the world: I am now the social media coordinator for my company and will be working closely with our CEO/Medical Director to better promote and market our practice. It’s an exciting opportunity and I am extremely grateful for it.

More news from me: My relationship is going through a serious funk. It’s not anything that either of us has done, I am not angry with him, I don’t wish ill will upon him. Feelings simply change. I still care about him deeply, and I know he does the same for me, but that old vibe is now lacking and I am afraid that we are just too different from one another. At any rate, we’ve been together for over three years and I think that we do owe it to ourselves to try to make each other happy again. It’s been a rough year-and-a-half for us… We just have to beat the cards that we were dealt.

I think that’s plenty for now, dear friend. I hope I don’t forget about you for too long again.