Update #1

This year is off to a promising start.

I have been approved for my new place, a place that allows pets, including big dogs! The location is perfect, only two miles from my job. I can either run to work or take the bus when I am lazy (let’s be real – I’ll be riding the bus! haha). A short walk from my place, the transit center stands, giving me the ability to get to just about anywhere in DFW, including downtown Dallas and home to East Dallas.

There are at least three or four nearby parks. The one closest to me holds concerts and salsa (as in the Latin dance) classes in the summer. In the fall, it hosts Shakespeare Dallas productions. The larger park, the one I have to cross a road to get to, holds the largest Fourth of July and Oktoberfest celebrations in the metroplex.

There is an abundance of retail spaces on the ground level of all the buildings in the area. A couple bars, several restaurants – including a pizzeria and a bakery that each have vegan options on their menus! – cafes, a yoga studio, you name it. The whole area is very dog-friendly, pooches allowed on patios and such.

Another short walk away is the town’s convention center and theater. I am already eyeing a health expo to be held there in April.

Y’all, I am going to be walking everywhere! If I ever find myself bored, I will likely just march myself downstairs and outdoors, stroll around, and see what is going on!

By the way, my apartment is on the second floor, which means below me, there is not a residency. It will be retail space. I am going to stomp around (as I do with some of my home workouts) as I please! Hopefully, there will be no noise complaints!

I have mentioned dogs a couple times. Did you catch that?


That’s a post in and of itself. Soon.

I hope everyone is off to an amazing start this week. Much love!