Tomorrow, the boyfriend and I will complete yet another six months together. Sixty-six months altogether. A total of 2,008 days. Five and a half years. But who’s counting anyway?

This year has actually been a bit rough on us as a couple. Things have felt… “off”. There has been a sort of disconnect or lack of chemistry, I have felt an unwelcome distance between us, and we have argued over trivial things. [sigh] That’s all normal in long-term relationships. The honeymoon phase ends and real life bitchslaps hard enough to cause the butterflies to be forcefully expelled from your stomach. It’s what was to be expected, is it not? I see other couples go through this and much worse. It’s not so bad with us, right? These are all things I keep telling and asking myself. Clearly I need further convincing.


Should I hold my relationship to a higher standard? That might be ridiculous and unreasonable. But I don’t want to settle either. Can’t things be better? Why aren’t things better? We have talked and talked and talked numerous times this year. All very honest and open conversations. We should be better. Man, oh, man. Relationships are work.

That’s the thing, though. We are both willing to work. We are not willing to give up on us. We love one another. My goodness, I am certain that he would have ditched me a LONG time ago if he didn’t love me! I am something else!

So tomorrow… tomorrow is another milestone for us. And while we may not make a big celebration out of it, I will be happy. I will be proud of us. I will be thankful for him and for what we have together. I will even give him a small gift… Because I am a goober.

Poor guy is in love with a goober. 🙂


Let me see if you can run it, run it

It is now June 15th. Almost June 16th. And I still feel that this year is escaping without me having anything to show for it. I am still not a better calligrapher, I have not honed my photography skills, my French is still where it was when the year started, and I am feeling very unaccomplished because of it all. My friends tell me (remind me) that I did get a new job this year and that in itself would be a huge deal for most. I don’t know. I guess I kinda expected to do well at it, which I feel that I have, so it simply does not feel like that big of a deal.

No matter. Because I am doing big things with the latter half of this year, the biggest of said things being running a full marathon. Yiiiiikes. I am holding myself accountable this time. I have talked and talked and talked about running a full since completing my first half almost two years ago. But I never registered for one, and dammit, I did not train properly – mostly due to poor time management. This time, though… This time is different.

First off, I am running as part of a team and for a cause. Although it is unlikely that I will actually train with my teammates, we are all running (or in some cases cycling, lifting, etc) to raise money for The Humane LeagueOF COURSE I am doing this for animals. Nothing motivates me more in this world than helping out other species… Running for the animals! How awesome is that?!

Other motivating factors (i.e. reasons I cannot and will not back out):

  • I have announced my plans just about everywhere! To my friends and family and coworkers, on social media (hi, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!), and… here.
  • I already registered. Over 100 bucks later, I am registered.
  • As mentioned above, I need to accomplish something this calendar year!

So! That’s that! December 13th is the big day – five days before the release of The Force Awakens! What a dually awesome week that will be! I have something to look forward to pretty much all year – what a wonderful way to live, huh?

Oh – I am struggling to write because the boyfriend keeps distracting me. This is why I should either wake up early and write while he is sleeping OR write during the day on Mondays while he is at work. This right now is not doing it for me. More on other plans for the year later.

With that, I will peace out.