Waiting, walking, shivering, loving

It’s so hard to have to wait. Hopefully, these are my last few weeks of not knowing. I would like to begin planning the rest of my year already. I would like to know what I’m in for. I would like to start mentally preparing for whatever it is that has to be done. Where will I be this fall? Living life the way I am now, or living life as a sleep-deprived, penniless student once more? I just want to know.

I wore shorts when I walked my dog this morning and unfortunately started to shiver. I immediately took my snazzy little phone out, opened the weather app (OMG I feel so caught up with the times!), and found out that at the time, the temperature was sixty-six degrees. Awesome. Now I know what sixty-six feels like, and now I know that wearing short shorts will not suffice. Dammit! I love wearing shorts.

Oh! I wish I had a picture of my absurd outfit this morning. Another great aspect about being in a relationship is that I can go out lookin’ a fool and it is perfectly fine, because this person or that person may think I look damn ridiculous but, what does it matter? There is a man in love with this hot mess. A wonderful man at that.


I’m out now. Hasta luego.

I don’t do winter.

Anyone who knows me knows that cold weather and I do not get along. As soon as the temperature drops below sixty (yes, sixty), I become a shivering, uncomfortable, miserable mess. How I have managed to survive these past four days without becoming a total grouch is beyond me. Maybe it has something to do with how hilarious it is to watch my sweet Canelo Dog slip and slide when I take him out for his walks. Maybe it’s the fact that we’ve had the park all to ourselves throughout the week (that never happens). Maybe it’s remembering that this is Texas (dammit!) and that the hot, glorious days of summer stick around longer, much longer, than these current crappy days of winter. Come on with it, summer. I miss you.

First thing that has (finally) been done.

I finally decided to start a new blog. After seven years, I am done with blogging on myspace. I have over three-hundred posts there, but that site makes it damn near impossible to enjoy blogging now. It’s horrible. Signing in alone is a hassle, as is navigating to the page where I can actually begin to type my blog. I am over it.

So here I am.

Currently, I am eagerly awaiting next month to arrive, for several reasons. March brings me warmer weather, more opportunities to be outdoors, picnics would be fun, The North Texas Irish Festival, the St. Patty’s Day Parade, and a letter. This month, not even two-days old, already torturing me with awful weather, will definitely try my patience. I have never been fond of the month of February. I actually wrote a blog about it five years ago. You know… back when I blogged on myspace. [sigh]

It truly sucks that all those posts are stuck over there, and that I can’t even provide a link to them here. Oh well. It is time to move on…

That’s what I’m doing. 🙂