Beto for… ever.

The campaign is over. Election Day has passed. I no longer have an excuse to cancel plans or decline invitations. I have “my life” back.

It was SO close.

In the hours following the announcement of results, friends, family, colleagues, and fellow volunteers all reached out to me. They called, they texted, they tweeted wanting to make sure I was okay. You would think someone had passed away, or some other traumatic event had just occurred.

We’re proud of you, Daisy. You made a difference, Daisy. You’re the reason I voted, Daisy. You are inspiring, Daisy. You are my hero, Daisy. Hope you’re okay, Daisy. Keep going, Daisy.

It was all so sweet and much appreciated, but guys… I feel great! What we accomplished was amazing! I am fully aware of that. This state is now officially a battleground state, and we’ve only just begun. I’m enjoying this break, but I will be ready to go again for 2020. We ALL will be.

I cannot say enough about us – grassroots foot soldiers, as we’ve been called. We were relentless, we were passionate, we were devoted. And now, we’re EXPERIENCED. We have nearly tasted victory and you better believe that we are going to jump at the opportunity to put up another fight.

So instead of being sad, disappointed, and defeated, I’m actually incredibly excited. I am not sure when the campaigns will be announced, but I will be sacrificing my time once more as soon as they are. Woot!

I didn’t share this when it happened, but I did end up canvassing at a show early last month. Our Beto table was set up next to the band’s merch table, so we got a lot of traffic. I was actually able to get three new voters registered! Multiple people committed to vote for Beto and even more took Beto swag with them.

Me at the Beto table!

At one point, Graham Fink – the guitarist for the headlining band – came over. He and his band, Milo Greene, are from California and thus, could not vote for Beto. But regardless, according to Graham, they knew exactly who he was, they were aware that he was running against Ted Cruz, and they were supportive. Graham took a button.

Later on, during Milo Greene’s set, I noticed that Graham had placed the button on his guitar strap.

Graham Fink.

I snapped the photo above and shared it on Instagram. I then received a comment from the Milo Greene account…

The caption from my Instagram post with Milo Greene’s comment.

Then… I was tagged on Graham’s account…

Screenshot of Graham’s post.

I am happy to say that he still rocks the pin/button as evidenced in this video from a couple days ago:

This is just a tiny example of all the wonderful experiences I lived through while campaigning.

Thank you, Beto, for inspiring us. Thank you for all the memories, thank you for fighting to represent us, thank you for listening, thank you for appreciating us, thank you for all your hard work. Thank you for the new friends I made, the additional confidence I gained, and the respect I earned.

It’s been an absolute joy.

Please don’t take my sunshine away.

I have made it through October unscathed. The critters are fine – they are healthy, happy, and as adorable as ever – and I actually ended up having a good time throughout the month.

Canelo and Miguel’s anniversaries led to a couple somber evenings. That was unavoidable, I love and miss them both tremendously. The events leading to losing them… Gosh, I remember every single damn detail, even the minute ones. I can take and place myself back in those moments and just feel this deep, intense sympathy for my past self.

But I’m okay. I am way better off than I was a year ago.

The next challenge ahead of me will hit me tomorrow night/Sunday morning with the end of Daylight Saving Time. Last year, going outside (my favorite place to be!) at the four o’clock hour, noting that the sun was readying to set – it was a huge trigger for me. It made me anxious and uneasy and I would break into hysterical crying fits. I am not looking forward to this, but I am already practicing my breathing exercises and yes, my SAD lamp is out of its storage box and sitting on my desk again, prepped and ready to go.

I haven’t gone to therapy since July, since before my birthday. Again, as of right now, I still feel okay. We shall see how I feel in December and January when all the anniversaries of my experiences last winter start arriving. I should be okay, but the second that I feel uneasy, I know what to do. I will call up Nikki (my therapist), I will see Dr. Reihsen (she prescribed my anti-anxiety meds and my anti-depressants), and I will take care of myself. I am hoping that I won’t need to, though.

This year truly is different from last year. I do feel good about myself and everything I have going for me, all I have accomplished. Not only that, but there has been so much good news (personal, not like, in-the-news news), that I cannot help but look forward to these next few months. Exciting events are coming, including the birth of my nephew THIS MONTH, so my outlook is much more positive.

Sigh. We shall see.

I am going to bed. I went out the past two previous nights even though I had to work yesterday and today, and I am simply pooped. Gotta re-energize for all the fun to be had this weekend.