Family ties.

I had to Google this.

So Angélica, Abish, Alfredo, Alondra, Antonio, Josué, Valeria, Sebastian, José, Mauricio, Galia, Salma, Crystal, Diana, Damaris, Desiray, Delilah, Ulysses, Zeus, Cain, Daria, Armando, John Carlos, Camilla, Aidan, Austin, Melina, Pablo, Renata, Emiliano, Sky, and Dante are all my first cousins once removed.

Noah is my first cousin twice removed.

Isaac, Wesley, Steven, and Evelyn are my second cousins once removed.

The kiddos first listed above are each other’s second cousins, some from my Dad’s side, some from my Mom’s. All of them are my nephews’ (Anthony and Abel’s) second cousins.

Got it. See why I don’t need kids of my own? There are plenty in my family, with more on the way.

I love my people.


Just smiling over here.

Today has been a good day. Um, strike that. It’s been pretty damn great.

I received an email a couple hours ago stating that I have been chosen and approved to canvass for Beto at a show in Deep Ellum next month! The venue will be letting me in early before doors open to the public, and will also provide a table for me to set up at. The campaign is sending literature and other goodies for me to distribute (bumper stickers, buttons, etc.). I will be doing all the talking on behalf of Beto, inviting concert goers to join us and get out to vote! The exact date of the show is October 5th, just a month prior to Election Day. Putting in work during such a crucial time period is enormously critical!

I am so fucking stoked, y’all! Knocking on doors has been great and all, but this will be a new experience for me and I am doing it alone. Ugh, I cannot wait!

With this opportunity, I have decided to forgo Austin City Limits because they fall on the same weekend. I am not even upset about it because really – let’s face it – my life revolves around getting this man elected. This has been the case nearly the entire year, at least since I recovered from my depression. Oh! and as an added bonus that weekend: Dallas will be hosting its very own music festival featuring three of my favorite bands! The Polyphonic Spree, Spoon, and Sparta will all be playing right here in my hometown with tickets only costing ten bucks. Waaaaaaay more affordable than traveling to Austin and paying hundreds for passes to ACL. Hahaha.

But wait! There’s more…

This particular event, The Buffalo Tree Festival, is not only a music festival. It is also being advertised as a political engagement festival aimed at encouraging attendees to take action and get involved leading up to Election Day. Guess who’s going to be there… Good ol’ Beto himself! This will be – I don’t know – my tenth time or so seeing him, but it just does not get old because he is crazy-inspiring. I may also pick up a shift to register voters while I am there. I need to contact the organizer about the current need for registrars. Woot woot.

I am ready for all this.

In other fantabulous news that also has me smiling, my marvelous coworker/friend/partner-in-crime Leigh Ann made the sweetest post on Facebook today in which she called me “an amazing supervisor”. This is deeply humbling because she happens to be the most senior technician in the department that I supervise, so for her to say that… it floors me. In a good way.

On top of that, yesterday, two other team members told me that I am “the best supervisor” they “have ever had”, which was also absolutely sweet. Moments later, my boss came into the ICU to ask me to set up my voicemail (I deactivated it a couple years ago because I simply despise receiving and having to listen to voice messages!).

I told him that I truly did not want to and he replied,

“When you are a hospital manager, you are going to have to be able to receive voicemails.”

Aawww. He believes that I will manage my own hospital one day! What a compliment! I ended up activating my voicemail last night.

Finally, I never shared this, but a couple weeks ago, the senior doctor on our team sent me a text message after-hours stating she was grateful for all my hard work and that “we definitely have the best leader”. I did not share this with anyone because it could be taken as a jab towards my dear friend Sarah who is also a supervisor. To be clear, I would not be in my position without Sarah. Not only did she push me towards applying to be a supervisor, but she has been the greatest mentor and friend to me ever since I started working at the hospital. She is the person I turn to if I ever need advice for handling sensitive situations at work, and I can always count on her if I just need to vent sometimes. We often go out for lunch together to talk friend-to-friend and supervisor-to-supervisor. I am beyond grateful for her and would be way more excited about Phoenix if she was going too.

Wow. Two posts in one day. I am diggin’ being back into blogging.

Take care, and register to vote!

A woman’s place.

I stayed up late watching Beto on Stephen Colbert, and now I’m up early to go on a four-mile run before work. I wanted to share this photo while I’m warming up on my stair climber:

Volunteering for a candidate whom I truly believe in, and desperately want to represent me, has been such a rewarding experience. I have learned valuable lessons about leadership, organization, and communication. Truth be told, I am in awe of myself and how far out of my comfort zone I have traveled on behalf of his campaign. All worth it, of course.

The best part of it all, though? It has to be the new friendships I have formed throughout the process. In the photo above, I am pictured with two incredible women who are leading the way and showing up to make a damn difference.

I met Tricia via Instagram. She started the adorable Dogs for Beto account, and I was one of her first followers. We crossed paths at several town halls and volunteer events, and then – true sign of a badass – she held her own fundraising event, which ended up being a huge success! In addition to her event, she sells doggie bandanas, stickers, and campaign buttons, then donates all her proceeds to the official campaign fund! Amazing, isn’t it? Grassroots!

Stephanie and I met at my first block walking event back in the spring. We kinda just ended up standing next to one another during the training process and when go-time arrived, we simply looked at each other and agreed to team up! She was kind enough to step up and drove two other volunteers and myself around south Dallas as we knocked on doors to canvass. Stephanie is currently a film student in California, but took some time off because, get this: she was hired by the campaign! She created a short campaign ad, Beto’s campaign manager viewed it, and she was hired to edit daily videos! Those recap videos posted on his Twitter and Facebook accounts? Yeah, my friend made those. 🙂

Isn’t that fucking awesome?

I am so proud to be among ambitious, activist women who won’t sit back and allow the future to be decided for them. They are putting in the hours and the work! I am even more proud to call these two women in particular my friends. I was so happy to introduce them to each other at an event we all attended last month. Now they’re friends with one another as well, and it is all beautifully inspiring and wonderful.

Resist, y’all. We are powerful.

Not gonna quote Green Day.

How the fuck is it already September? What am I doing with my life?!

Well, to be exact, I am currently writing letters of recommendation for a staff member who is applying to veterinary schools. Last week, I did phone interviews because my friend listed me as a reference on her resume. She got job offers shortly thereafter. Y’all, I am good at this shit. I can hype the fuck out of people like none other. My friend Bri is now a high school principal at the district she applied to last summer. When she was hired, as a teacher back then, they literally told her that the essay by Ms. Martinez spoke volumes of her. Maybe I should put that on my own resume…


  • Hype Girl Extraordinaire

Okay, so what’s in store for me this month? Team Building, Matt and Kim concert, football watching date, Beto meetings, Kitty Ring Club wine and cheese night, Pride Parade, trip to San Antonio, trip to Phoenix, …

I just had a mini freak-out session because I could not find my planner!

The last weekend is actually free. Florence + the Machine, Aggie football game at Jerry World, Strfkr wherever they’re playing? I don’t know.

I don’t know. Maybe I should have a quiet weekend alone, focusing on self-care because October will be rearing its ugly-ass head and I simply cannot allow it to freak me out. Memories of losing Canelo Dog and Miguel will come flooding back, I am sure. Smartie and Bruiser, if I am over-sensitive when it comes to you, know that I have my reasons.

I get to see Greta Van Fleet on October 3rd. That should be fun. It would have been Canelo’s 18th birthday.

[sigh] I need to get people registered to vote.

Live a little.

I’ve been binge watching Shameless on Netflix for the past few weeks. Talk about a show that makes me feel way better about my own life.

About two weeks ago, I watched the season where Frank meets the doctor who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the age of thirty-two (two years younger than me at my current age). The character was upset about dying because she felt that she hadn’t really lived. She worked her ass off to get into medical school, worked her ass off in medical school, followed that up with an internship, then a residency, and had finally made it into the field, but was still working insane hours.

And then she got cancer.

So, she lived it up. She had the money to do so and went wild. She did all that she had not done because she was so busy working, staying the course, being responsible.

Soon after, she passed.

I found out earlier this week that someone I know is currently going through a cancer scare. It is not definitive, a biopsy is scheduled for next week, but that is what her doctors are thinking. As expected, she is distraught. Who can blame her?


I have been working my ass off, too, you know. Maybe not in medical school or as a doctor, but still. I rarely take vacations, and when I do take time off from work, I take it in small doses. Throughout the entirety of my time in the workforce, I have never taken a week-long break from work. Ever. People who take a week off, they include the weekends for a total of nine days off. I have never had that. I think my max has been five days.

I vow to change that next year.

For now, I have taken a couple days off next month to go to a veterinary conference in San Antonio. This may not sound like fun, but it will be because I am going with my best friend, Cristina. She will be working, representing her company, while I am attending lectures, but there will be plenty of downtime for us to hang during the four days that we will be there. Also, my other best friend Cynthia lives in San Antonio. As luck would have it, it just so happens that her birthday falls on one of the days that I am in town! I haven’t celebrated her birthday with her since high school… Long overdue. Finally, Yo La Tengo will be playing at a venue not too far from our hotel, and how fun will it be to catch a show in a town other than Dallas?!

Needless to say, I’m excited.

In even more exciting news, I have asked for a couple days off in October as well. I originally asked for the time off to go on a camping trip to Palo Duro with a group of friends. However, coordinating such an endeavor with the amount of people wanting to go, including some who are students and others who work weekends, well – it is difficult. We never actually agreed on dates, who will be driving, what kinds of activities we want to do, what site we want to reserve, etc. etc. So… my friend Jess and I are saying fuck it, let’s just go to Austin City Limits that weekend instead. Three-day pass, baby.

Okay. A few things. When I call her “my friend”, I have only hung out with her twice, both times in the last two weeks. I will be making this trip with a stranger, pretty much. We have no idea where we would be staying. My Dad no longer lives in Austin. Bummer. Hotels are likely either already booked or will be expensive AF (not good when we are already paying over $200 on our passes alone!). We are throwing ideas around like camping or CouchSurfing, which are both kinda risky. Transportation? I can’t really help there, but she knows that already.

I don’t know, y’all. It’s super last minute and haphazard, but… what the hell. Why not? I have always wanted to go to ACL and now, here is someone who will adventure there with me, someone with a spirit as spontaneous as mine! I may not know her too well yet, but we totally clicked right away. She’s an extrovert, and social, just like me. Why not do it? Live a little!

In times like these, when my mind is flooded with seemingly wild ideas, I am reminded that there is no afterlife. I have one life and one life only. I gotta live it up while I can.

Live lively, my friends.

The dream work.

Around this time last year, I interviewed for my current position at work – Intensive Care Unit/Emergency & Critical Care Supervisor. I wanted something new, I missed being a leader, I needed go to a department where I could experience growth. Siobhain knew I was unhappy in my previous position and gave me the idea to apply. I would otherwise not have considered trying to lead a department I never even worked in. Sarah pushed me when I told her about my intentions. Add the encouragement from Cristina, Nicole, Jennee, and Spencer… I went for it.

It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I got the job. In just a little over two years at the company, I received a promotion. That’s pretty damn awesome. When it was announced, I received so many congratulatory messages, not only from friends, but from everyone at work. The employees in my new department were excited that I was joining them. The department doctors joked and bragged about “stealing” me. The doctors I left behind told me they knew I “would get it”. The medical director told me he was excited for our hospital.

Ugh. So awesome.

Here I am now, and guys – I really love my team.

The doctors are so damn dedicated, down-to-earth, compassionate, and intelligent. They are also freaking hilarious, fun, and generous. I actually enjoy hanging out with them outside of work – we have the best times! The team is hard working, they own up to mistakes, they communicate with me well, they get the job done when shit hits the fan [which happens often in Emergency!], and they know how to let loose and relax when appropriate. I cry at least once a day from laughing so much! Just today we were teasing our doctor over her high school nickname, then we were trash talking about each other’s ridiculous weight loss methods, then we started planning more fun get-togethers heading into the end of the year. We even built a cardboard castle for one of our patients!

The occasional fourteen-hour days are doable because we all stick together. Nobody jumps ship and bails. The teamwork is unlike any I have ever witnessed in my career! It makes me feel proud and full of admiration.

So yes, our job is often stressful. Yes, we can all get frustrated. Yes, I have taken on additional stress because of my responsibilities as a supervisor. Yes, work is work. But I get through it because of my awesome team.



Why do I check my stupid memories on Facebook? Why?

Well, because the majority are actually good. Really good. Happy. And sweet.

Today, though, there was a not-so-pleasant one from nine years ago…

If the power had not gone out, I would not have been bored on my porch with only my phone to entertain me. I would not have updated my Facebook status. He would not have commented on it. That conversation would not have occurred. I never would have developed a crush on him. Who knows what course my life would have taken?

Nine years ago yesterday, he was completely insignificant to me. What a good day.