Writers are selfish, writers are egotists.

I am currently working on the third of four essay assignments for my English class (I also have a lengthy research paper due in a few weeks, but I will tackle that beast at a later time). Before sitting down to begin this paper, I decided to look at my standing in the class. My grades.

They are awesome. Mostly A’s. Only three B’s.

This, my friends, I am glad to say gives me what I call “wiggle room.” Ah, yes. In this third of four essays, I am going to allow myself to write how I want to write. Not as casually as I do here, but more like the style of writing that I like to read. Like the writers whose work I admire and enjoy. Not so damn formal. I will still abide by the formatting and referencing rules, mind you, but dammit, I am tired of sounding so… so… proper.

Can I throw in an anecdote if I please? Can I introduce my thesis and claim by starting off with a story that has nothing to do with the topic or the book that this paper is about? Can I use as repetition, alliteration, and pose rhetorical questions if I freakin’ feel like it? Cos I’m gonna. I may end up getting a B on this one. That’s fine. My other kickass grades will make up for it. I will still be in the running for an A in the class for the semester. That’s really all I want.

Okay, time to wrap this sucka up.

Ah, well.

I decided to give myself two to three days to be upset, disappointed, and sad even. Honestly, I have just been moody BUT, it is time to snap out of it. What other choice do I have? I can’t live my days with a blah attitude that probably annoys the hell out of everyone around me including those I love. It is entirely up to me to maintain my happiness. What is it that I always say? Oh, yes: It’s my happiness and I’m keeping it, dammit!

Now, how do I go about this? Somehow, I must convince myself that my year has not been ruined. That this year, and life in general, still have much to offer me. One thing that is a personal bare nessecity is for me to always feel accomplished. It is damn difficult to feel that way right now, so I must figure out a way to get that sense of achievement back somehow. I need it. Bad. I’ve always wanted to take French back up…


Doin’ good. Lovin’ life.

I feel like I’ve been living in a different world these last few days. I don’t really know where this feeling is coming from, but I like it. Maybe it’s all the sunlight I’m getting. Yes! The weather is finally on my side and I’ve been spending as much time as I can outdoors.

I have also been challenging my willpower by counting calories. This forces me to eat very healthy. I’m not going to waste calories on things that don’t fill me up. There’s an app on my phone that not only counts calories for me, but counts everything else as well. I am happy to say that since Monday, I have NOT surpassed my fat or carb limits. Go me! I have been going over my sugar limit… Just barely, though! That shit’s in everything, including milk! Ah well. It’d be much worse if I still guzzled down coke like I used to, which I’m not. Needless to say, I am very proud of myself. Bikini season, bitches!

Also doing remarkably well in my class.

Also making this entry using the blogger app on my phone.

Omg, I love my phone!

Life is good. 🙂