I got the funk.

It pains me to write this because I never EVER get sick, but alas, the funk has hit me and is being stubborn and won’t go away.

It started last Wednesday night. I went to bed with a scratchy feeling in my throat. It took me a while to fall asleep that night and after only a few hours of sleeping, Canelo woke me up asking me to take him outside. That was a little before 5AM. I usually wake up at six. Once I had gotten up and taken him outside, though, I was never able to fall asleep again.

I went to work that morning and had very little energy, which I blamed on the lack of sleep. It was a slow day at work and management was starting to send people home. I was one of the lucky ones so I hopped on the train, made my way home, and went straight to bed. Sneezing, head hurting, body not wanting to do much of anything.

I stayed in bed all day hoping to be better by Friday morning. That didn’t happen. I was sent home again. Stayed in bed Friday, stayed in bed Saturday, missed my best friend’s birthday Saturday night, caught up on schoolwork yesterday, missed a gathering with friends yesterday, find myself still in bed today. Headache is gone. Energy is coming back to me. Still with the terrible runny nose. Throw a nasty, but productive cough into the mix. You know… the kind with the phlegm. Lovely, huh?

This is so annoying. It’s been years since I have had what I am self-diagnosing as a cold and I just do not remember how long it usually takes for these suckers to run their course through me. I have not taken anything because most medications just alleviate the symptoms and the symptoms are really just my body’s immune system trying to get rid of the funk.

All I know is that regardless of how I am feeling tomorrow, I have floor tickets to Lady Gaga and I will wait all day in the rain for a good spot among the crowd. Also, I can’t afford to miss work anymore. I have school to pay for and more fun to have.

Hot, I know.

Here’s hoping that all you lovelies do not catch this plague as well. Happy Monday and have a fantastic week!


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