Another Daisy Day.

I’m writing this as I watch the Mavs. Western Conference Finals, baby!

Work today was weird. It started with a grown-ass man bawling his eyes out over his very ill dog. There is something incredibly heartbreaking about seeing a man cry inconsolably over his pet. I knew how he felt, I wanted to hug him, I wanted to thank him for loving his dog so much, and I wish there were people like him in this world. Tillie, your dad loves you, sweet girl.

The rest of the day was uneventful, and its banality soon made me forget the emotional start. Fortunately, I got off at a good time, though, and was able to run on the trail this evening. The best part about going out for a run, besides the health benefits, is definitely the cooling down (the walking). I do a lot of thinking when I walk alone, no phone nor Canelo Dog to distract me. It does me so much good. There is no better way for me to relax… Well, besides chilling in a pool!

Gah, I wanna go to the pool!


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