Thoughts on a Monday night

Tonight, I have the urge to free-write once more. I am doing so while being distracted by baseball. Bear with me. My mind is everywhere.


I should be preparing for a trip to Oregon right now; a week-long hiking and camping expedition into the woods. Since early this year, a group of gal pals and I had planned to fly out to the Northwest this month for adventuring and bonding. Life happens, however, and the person who began arranging this excursion, the amazing Slow J, was admitted into Nursing school! Her upcoming orientation and first day of classes caused us to have to move the date of our trip up a few weeks. Unfortunately, three out of six in our group were unable to get the time off from work and so, we have had to postpone Oregon until next year. No matter, though, because we hope to make a quick weekend getaway at some point this fall and… Duh! We are all stupid-excited for our girl!

Oregon can wait. You go and rock the shit out of Nursing school. You are brilliant and talented and kind. There is no doubt in my mind that you have a bright future ahead of you in this new career and I am so stinkin’ proud of you!

This weather, tho.

As much as I love and desperately await the spring and summer seasons each year – because of the warmth they bring, the relief from the frigid winter – my pup and I have had quite enough of three-digit temperatures. The poor boy usually enjoys his walks so much that I struggle to convince him to come back inside. Yes, I have been late to work on occasion because of how stubborn he can be, a trait I forgive since he is nearly sixteen years old. Recently, however? He “takes care of business” and turns right back around, towards our door.


Oh my goodness, y’all. I have the ugliest toes. I haven’t even been running lately, either! More on that in a bit. 

Our walks haven’t really been walks for the past few weeks, and it makes me sad. Especially since it is our bonding time, it is our time together, it is when he is his happiest, his “doggiest”. Watching him be curious about his surroundings, seeing his tail wag as he trots along, observing him as he sniffs every intriguing scent he encounters – I live for it! Lamentably, sweet boy just can’t handle the heat like he could when he was younger.

Lamentablemente is a word commonly used in everyday Spanish speak. Someone make lamentably come through in English.

Well, Mama Nature has decided to give us a break and we are taking our time together back! Highs in the 80s? That is unheard of in the middle of August in Texas! It’s not just for a few days, either. We should be expecting this for the next ten days, according to the forecast. This lady is pleased.

I mentioned my ugly toes. Why is it that I get the urge to start long-running again when the weather is the pits? Last week, I thought to myself,

“I need to start getting some serious mileage in again, maybe lose another toenail. I miss it.”

Yet another reason to hope for more tolerable weather. And just like that, my wish was granted. This world loves me.


I finally finished the last of the Oreos that were given to me on my birthday. My friends are hilarious, and they know me well.

My newest friends are also hilarious and are beginning to know me. It will be slightly more challenging for them to get a true sense of who I am – more so than it has been for other friends I have made in the past ten years – with the reason for that being that I deactivated my FACEBOOK account.

I finally did it a few weeks ago, and it feels oh-so-good to be rid of that mess. I was tired of opinions and bickering and bitching and negativity and so-called challenges. I also found myself expressing the majority of my thoughts in tiny bytes of words through status updates – you know, instead of writing in my journal or blogging here. Facebook was simply killing my joy and destroying my creative energy. It had to go.

I kept Twitter and Instagram. If you are on a desktop, you will notice this on the right side of your screen. Ha.

Anyhow, these newest friends will not get to know me through Facebook, through the thoughts that could be put into that status bar, but hopefully they can figure me out and continue to like me.

Bibi finds herself in this group. I met her through Che, not surprisingly. That guy constantly introduces me to interesting people because he freaking knows everyone in this town, I swear. I instantly clicked with Bibi, mostly because of our shared love for the same music artists, and we have been hanging out a bit since our initial meeting.

On Saturday, she and I went to see her boyfriend play in a Queen tribute band, which was quite entertaining, I must say. The guys all dressed up in 80s wear, complete with horrid wigs, spoke with unconvincing accents, and put on a fascinating show. There was laughter, fantastic sing-a-longs, and dancing, of course. It was a blast!

After their set, a group of us hopped on over to a restaurant not too far from the venue for some much needed grub. While we were there, the first game of the Cowboys’ preseason was played on a television not far from our table. I cannot convey the excitement I felt when everyone at our table, Bibi included, expressed interest in the game. Not only that, but they knew their shit. These were not casual fans who were simply interested in the final score and standings. Oh, no. They cared about every position, every stat, every formation, every call, every play. Serious fans. Like… me.

I need these people in my life. Keepers.

The end.

I need to walk my dog before bed. Know that I will thoroughly enjoy this stroll.

Joy to you all. May the weather and life’s circumstances and the world in general all be favorable towards you.


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