Ten minutes

Free writing. Just for kicks, until 6:00 pm.

I have twenty minutes.

Today, I decided that as soon as I get home – and as long as Canelo Dog is not desperate to go for a walk – I will sit at my desk and simply see what happens. I love my desk. I love all the treasures its single drawer holds: multiple flash drives, paper, colored pencils, cameras, markers, a scrapbook, a stationary set, photographs, old mail. Just underneath it, books are stacked neatly just to the side of where my feet rest. Books about photography, writing, calligraphy, drawing, mindfulness, and more. A basket with a plethora of acrylic paint tubes and a plastic Texas Rangers cup holding a variety of paint brushes sit between the right side of my desk and the wall that isn’t much of a wall. It is almost entirely window. I also love windows, because I love natural light.

My desk is inspiring. I want to create or learn every time I sit at it. I reflect. It is my own little space, the most personal space that exists for me.

I need a more comfortable chair for my desk…

How am I?

I am well. It seems that almost daily, I am asked how I am doing, feeling, holding up.

Uh oh. Canelo Dog is up. Time to go. So much for twenty minutes.

He is my favorite priority.


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