Up and away

Currently, I hear thunder, the whirl of the fan in the living room, the rain falling outside my bedroom window, my dog snoring, my kitty cat sniffing around with curiosity, and now, the sound of these keys as I strike. I love mornings like this.

It has been raining heavily – and incessantly – for nearly three hours now. That is how long I have been awake. I waited in bed for about an hour, hoping that the downpour would subside a bit. When it did not, I decided to give my pooch a break and venture out so he could relieve himself. I got dressed, grabbed the massive umbrella that I won at a Texas Rangers fan event, called Canelo over, and out we went. He makes me so proud, how he braves the weather and his old joints. I think he actually enjoyed our walk, that sweet boy. I know I did.

Why do I not own proper rain boots, though? Given the fact that I take Canelo out three times a day, regardless of the weather, and the fact that I do not own a car, which means that walking and waiting outdoors for buses and trains are frequent undertakings, you would think that I would own at least one pair. Alas, I do not. So I wore my cowboy boots instead. They are red (what up, Footloose?) and vegan (duh!) and fabulous and I really ought to wear them more often. How about some outfit ideas, Pinterest?

Anyhow, I got back from our walk and really could not think of much to do other than to read or write. I obviously went with the latter…

Life is in a total upswing! Mind over matter, right? I changed my attitude, re-centered my focus, decided not to stress over situations that are out of my control, and boom! Things are happenin’ again. They are so happenin’ that at any given moment, time and location notwithstanding, I can break out in a happy dance. Truth be told, I totally happy danced my way down the hallway at work last week. One of my coworkers witnessed it, laughed, and encouraged me not to stop. This is what life has become.

Work has had a lot to do with the current upward trend I find myself on. A couple weeks ago, my partner fell ill and missed a day, then had to travel the following day. This meant that for two days straight, I was left flying solo with the doctor we both assist. This would be seemingly daunting, but in reality, it was nothing that I could not handle with proper time management, prioritizing, and asking my amazing coworkers to handle tasks that I did not necessarily have to personally complete. Doc and I owned those days and he praised and thanked me when the week was over. Oh! he even bought me lunch to demonstrate his appreciation! Free food makes for one happy gal over here. Food is my favorite. Haha.

That was late last month. This past week, Doc was out of town at a leadership conference, which our supervisor (whom I happen to love and who also owns a jumbo umbrella because we went to the aforementioned fan fest together!) also attended. This meant that the Cardiologist whom she works with was without an assistant and was without a doctor. Daisy – say goodbye to Oncology for the week and hello to Cardiology! Yikes, talk about being out of my element. No matter, though, because CardioDoc and I clicked rather well and had a great week working together. Things went so well, in fact, that before he left on Friday, he came up to me and in front of other employees said,

“Daisy, it has been a real pleasure working with you this week. You are very efficient and did an outstanding job, I appreciate you.”

“Aahhh, SE prepared me well!”

“Honestly, if you ever want to join Team (insert CardioDoc’s name here), you just tell me when you’re ready.”

Um, goodbye Oncology for good? I mean, geesh, talk about a fucking ego-boost. This doctor also happens to be the Medical Director of our hospital, the head honcho. And he wants little ol’ me on his team?! I am absolutely floored. I am doing my happy dance right now – it’s all in the hips. I cannot believe he said those things. A simple “thank you” would have sufficed, that would have made my day. Instead, my entire MONTH has been made! Man.


Well, there are other reasons why I am overjoyed as of lately, there are changes I have made, new opportunities that have been presented to me, but I have a brunch date to get to. I will have to leave those details for another entry, hopefully to be completed in the next few days.

Have a most wonderful Sunday, my friends. May life be good to you, good enough to cause you to break out into your own dance!


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