I done did it.

One year ago today, I pretended that I was sick, called out of work (something I never do, even when I truly am ill), got all dolled up, and went on a job interview.

I was desperate, y’all. I could not handle life anymore, working from 7:00 am until at least 7:00 pm… every… damn… day. I was continuously exhausted, drained, discouraged, constantly too overwhelmed to actually do anything enjoyable when I wasn’t working. Most days off, I was resting up, trying to unwind. I wanted to revert to my anti-social tendencies from years before, declining any invitation to get out.

I’m trying to excuse my dishonesty. You cannot blame me, can you? I was miserable. I am so much happier right now than I was a year ago. I really am. You cannot blame me when my little lie led to happiness. No way. Maybe the universe gave me a little slap on the wrist that day, though, because when my interview was over, I went to the bus stop, called my bestie to tell her all about it, was totally distracted, ended up getting on the wrong bus, realized that I left my keys on the bus stop bench, had to ride back around to that bus stop to grab my keys, waited for another bus (the correct one this time), and finally made it home hours later. Thank goodness it was a gorgeous day!


For whatever reason, most likely boredom, I went through my Instagram photos yesterday. I got off work a few hours early and had nothing to do except wait to head off to The Good Life’s show in Deep Ellum later in the evening. So, yes, I looked through my photos from the last year or so and smiled repeatedly, with almost each and every one. I love the life I live. My life is fun. Yeeeeeeesss.

The show last night was A M A Z I N G. Not only was the music fantastic – obviously, it was Tim Kasher for goodness’ sake – but I was also in great company. My homebody of a boyfriend actually decided to come with and an awesome friend from work, who likely loves Tim even more than I do, attended as well. The two have met before, but I do not know that they had ever spoken more than a few words to each other. No matter because they got along, we talked and laughed together while waiting for the show to start, and the boyfriend totally did not mind that she and I took off on our own to fangirl like cray. It was the best time I have had in a long time, and that is saying a lot because as mentioned, my life is GOOD. Man.

There you have it: last night can be a representation of what has come of the decision I made a year ago. My dishonesty led me to having an enjoyable life again and has even introduced me to incredible, awesome, interesting, fun new friends. Friends that I have drank many a night away with, attended sporting events with, and, had my face rocked off with. Friends that I become increasingly grateful for with each passing day. I cannot believe how fortunate I am sometimes. For serious.

May all of this serve as a reminder to trust my gut every now and then and to be bold enough to do what needs to be done.



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