Out with the old, in with the new!

What a week. From being told that I was disrespectful, being wrongfully accused of something I did not do, and having my patience tried time and time again, to spending an absolutely wonderful holiday with my little family of strays, finishing up a job, and beginning to celebrate a new year.

The aforementioned negative things are not worth going into detail about because they will only stir up the harsh emotions I felt while experiencing them. Again, not worth it. Instead, I’ll write about the lovely times, times I have shared with this crazy man I am still crazy about.

I worked Christmas Eve and didn’t arrive home until after 8 p.m. To my delight, Dustin had a candlelight dinner set for us in our living room, with plates, napkins, and drinks all in place. Granted, the meal consisted of delivery pizza, but that it so “us”! It was perfect and thoughtful and made my heart melt. We then waited until midnight, as has been tradition in my family, to open presents. Dustin even got a card from Smartie! Adorbs!

I had to go back to work yesterday, for what ended up being my last day there. Goodbyes suck, even though there weren’t many people there for me to say goodbye to. I think several were still out for the holiday, others were out sick, and some were just not scheduled to work. Ah, well. I will see them again, I am sure. I will not be seeing “my” patients again, though. That part is particularly rough, but I keep in mind that I will be moving on to help other critters and their families so it’s okay.

Before doing so, however (starting my new job, that is), I have over a week off to do whatever I’d like! It is already off to a good start since Dustin and I celebrated our anniversary early by taking the train downtown for lunch and to see the stage production of one our favorite movies, Once. Oh, it was so wonderful! Dustin bought amazing seats, the production was very well done, and the music! Oh, the music! I cried three times because I was so overwhelmed by how beautiful it all was. Ugh. Happy anniversary indeed. Tomorrow, we’ll be celebrating his birthday and later this week, celebrating a new calendar year.

What an exciting time. Dustin will be beginning another year of life, we will begin a new year as a couple, and I will be starting a new job. I have a feeling that 2015 is going to be a good one!

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