New job!

I am starting the new year off with a pretty significant change. After two-and-a-half years at CVSEC, I am leaving to work as a Radiation Oncology Technician at a practice that is much closer to home. It’s so close, I can run or bike there, which is incredibly appealing since I have not been running as of lately due to the early commute to work and the late commute home.

I debated leaving to pursue a new job as early as August of this year, but I was never bold nor decisive enough to do it. I finally got the push that I needed from my boyfriend and from friends who currently work at my future place of employment. I am certainly sad to leave friends at CVSEC behind, and I may not have ever decided to leave, except that I know I have old friends waiting for me at my new job.

Pay will be generous, hours will be nice, proximity is a huge bonus, and I will have familiar faces welcoming me there. What more could I ask for?


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