What a week I have had. Towards the end of last week, my sweet pup started showing signs of not feeling well. This, of course, stressed me out beyond reason. As much as I care for others’ animals and offer advice in caring for sick critters, when it’s my own, I sort of panic. Canelo being fourteen years old doesn’t make matters any better.

I did everything I know to do to help him get well and make his signs go away. I fasted him, gave him Pedialyte, cooked a bland meal for him, and tried to take him outside more frequently. Unfortunately, he ended up having several accidents in our home on Friday regardless. Dustin, my truly amazing and wonderful “roommate”, cleaned them up since he got home hours earlier than me. By Friday night, Canelo appeared a lot better, but I wanted someone else to back me up on my medical opinion.

I took him to a vet clinic that is less than a block away from our place. Not surprisingly, he behaved wonderfully and the staff was able to do all the testing and get all the lab samples they needed. I was one proud momma! The doctor agreed with me and said that Canelo looked great. He ended up having a urinary tract infection, which I suspected, and is now on antibiotics. You would never believe that he’s as old as he is, nor that he was ever sick. Good boy.

All this in the midst of work becoming more and more tiresome. I will not go into those details, but being short-staffed and overbooked has become trying. I go to work dreading the day and leave having that dread substantiated. I am just grateful that I only work two consecutive days before getting a break. Well, at least I do until I’m on-call. Ugh.

It is my mission to make the most of my days off, my days of freedom. Last weekend, after getting Canelo all taken care of, Dustin and I enjoyed a date at Flying Saucer. It was certainly nothing fancy, but he and I never go out alone together. Usually, we go out with other friends or meet up with them or run into people we know. Saturday, it was just the two of us, sitting next to each other with nothing to do but drink and talk and talk and talk. It was perfect. I told him afterwards how much I enjoyed our outing. We left the apartment to go “grab some beers”, but it ended up being a wonderful date. Much needed. Oh, and the beers were delicious AND Dustin paid for them all.

Sunday was another wonderful one. Soon after waking up, I realized that I had had one too many beers and promptly took an 800 mg ibuprofen. Less than an hour later, I was brand new and set off for some adventures in uptown with my best friends. I miss those gals. Geeze, Daisy. Why don’t you make time to be with the people who make you happy and help you realize that life is more than the badness that gets you down? You’re thirty now. You should have learned the lesson and put it to practice.

Today, after doing some shopping at Target, I went to their little cafe for a quick snack. I sat and ate it slowly, giving myself time to enjoy the warmth before setting off to walk home in the wind and cold. I got up to throw my empty cup and plate away and the little old man working behind the counter asked me if I enjoyed my snack. He asked in such a way that made me feel as though he genuinely cared and as if it mattered to him that I was happy. I honestly told him that I did and thanked me. He smiled, content with my response and ready to serve another hungry soul.

He made my day. More so than the retail so-called therapy I had just partaken in (although I did get a lovely coat, a new winter running top, and patterned running pants!). Now all I want is to pay it forward and make a stranger’s day sometime soon. Another goal to work towards!


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