Tis the season

This year, I hope things will be different. I hope I won’t be as grumpy as I usually am because I hate winter.

I don’t like the holiday season. I hate thinking about all the slaughtered turkeys. The materialism of the season highly bothers me. I despise the cold and the shorter days. All I want is to do is sleep. Just hibernate like a bear and awaken in the spring. That’s when daisies pop.

This year, though, I will attempt to adopt a new attitude. There are countless people who absolutely thrive this time of year. They love it! Why can’t I? Here are my plans:

  • Enjoy the holiday lights
  • Plan a Friendsgiving potluck
  • Go to Holiday in the Park with my cousins
  • Buy Stars tickets for myself and the sisters
  • Run, yoga, run, yoga, run, run, run
  • Have a great time with Dustin for his birthday/our anniversary
  • Do not take sunny days for granted and go outside!

[sigh] I hope I can do it. I also want to buy plants, perhaps do a little decorating as well, all while avoiding the television because the Christmas commercials are already unbearable. Right?

Happy times!


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