Always learning

Graduating does not mean you are done learning. Getting that diploma or that degree is not the final act. I may not enroll at an education institution, pay tuition, obsess over a GPA anymore, but I am still a student of life.

In my line of work, it is required that we obtain a minimum amount of Continuing Education hours each and every year, which I dutifully fulfill and do feel satisfaction from. I want to learn more, though. About many other subjects. Wouldn’t it be nice to be a sort of Jack of All Trades? To be like Leonardo, who was an artist, scientist, inventor, philosopher? Why focus on one field of study? Why not broaden the library of knowledge that dwells in my daisy brain?

Maybe it’s the fact that it’s early “fall” (I am fully aware that we are still over two weeks away from its official arrival) and after a summer break, many many students have returned to their studies. I am not one of them, which is fine, but I want to increase my knowledge too! I want to experience the satisfaction of scoring well on a test (something that I do not experience when attending C.E.)! I want to practice new skills, skills not related to my line of work. Skills I pick up just for the heck of it! I work in the field of medicine… Biology, physiology, anatomy, pharmacology are the subjects that rule my work world. How about a little brain power in the fields of art, culture, and creativity? A little more to help self-expression?

I have found a very thorough course in photography, which I can work through at my own pace and includes quizzes and tests (huzzah!). I started working on the first module last night and already love it. I also downloaded several Social Media Marketing tutorials to improve my work in that field. Last month, I purchased audio French Lessons, which I listen to using Audible on my phone. Finally, I have been practicing my calligraphy a lot more, thanks in part to the awesome pens my Dustin gave me as a gift.

It is as though I am currently taking four classes, just as I would if I were an “actual” student! Well, I would really be taking five, that’s what I did almost every semester, so let’s count my running as a credit in kinesiology!

Always the nerd, Daisy. Always.


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