Oh knee, oh my

I will be seeing an orthopedics physician on Thursday, one that specializes in knees. I need help and I need it badly. I ended up going back to my primary care doctor who told me that I have been doing way too much. He could tell by my bruising, the fact that it was going down my leg and not staying localized in my knee area. He ordered me to stay off my feet.

Come again?

That’s right. I am not allowed to walk except when it is ABSOLUTELY necessary and even then, I MUST use my crutches. What a bother! I feel so inadequate. I hate not being able to help my crew at work. Friday, there were so many little things that I wanted to get up and do. Simple things, easy things, seemingly insignificant things that in reality, amounted to lost time if not done immediately. I couldn’t do them, though. Major suckage.

Beyond that, I hate that I am not able to walk my beloved dog. I hate that I can’t run. No running! And no volunteering. No putting on comfortable shoes and seeing where my walking and DART pass might take me. All the things that make me happy, just taken away from me. Frustration station.

This weekend, I’ve watched a lot of football and cleaned up a lot of my social media sites, including this blog. I am still optimistic that my knee will heal sooner rather than later (although it has already been TWO WEEKS) and that I will be back to my normal, happy life in no time. Meanwhile, I plan to continue blogging, I am trying to take calligraphy up, and I need to study more French. I also need to find modified workouts that I can do without involving my knees. I just cannot let my days waste away. That is the absolute worse.

Trying to stay positive!

Edit: You know you’ve watched a lot of soccer when you’re American and you accidentally called it “football” instead of soccer. Oy.


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