I am not creative enough to think of a title.

I ran ten miles today. And my knee (the one that started giving me trouble three months ago) felt fine afterwards. I have been wearing a knee band during my runs and I think it has helped. My feet feel fantastic ever since I (finally) bought new shoes. I’ve also started drinking and eating Vega Sport products, which are supposed to help not only with hydration, but also inflammation. I never had my knee looked at, but I strongly believe that inflammation was the issue.

Whatever it was, I seem to have it under control and it makes me happy.

Remember how I wished and wished for warm weather? You know how they say be careful what you wish for? Oy! With the summer fast approaching, I must complete by runs by 9:00 AM, otherwise heat exhaustion might get the best of me. It may not be over 80 degrees, but the sun can be BRUTAL. Oh, I thought we were friends, Mr. Sun!

5:00 AM wake-ups are in my near future. This should be fine as long as I get to bed by 10:00 PM. Lawd knows that I do not want to resort to having to run on a treadmill. Boooooo!

It will be okay. I am excited about summer! In a little over two weeks I’ll be flying out to Colorado. At least one river trip is in the works. More baseball. I am going to turn thirty. My “little sister” will be having her Quinceanera party. Pool time pool time pool time. It will be good times.

Later, taters.


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