I am feeling a bit low and unfulfilled as of lately. Here’s why:

1. I have not been running nearly enough.

  • I blame this on the weather. For the life of me, I can not bring myself to get up and go in the mornings, because it is so cold. I was able to do so when I lived in East Dallas and the high school track was only two blocks away and the Santa Fe trail was just at the end of my street. Here in Carrollton, though… I am so uninspired. Sad face.
  • My work schedule has been all jacked up this month. Three-day weekends, on-call weeks, switching days, switching hours. I simply have not been able to get a routine down. There’s no way.
  • I gave myself a break from running because of my knee and it has just been difficult to get back into the game. I am also still afraid of pushing it too much.
  • Not running enough makes me feel out of shape and like I have gained weight, although I don’t think that I have. I just feel that I have. Not running enough also encourages bad eating habits and a vicious cycle begins. Oy.
2. I have not been creating.
  • I said I wanted to write, paint, sew, draw, photograph. I have not been doing any of those things. This first month in my new place has definitely been a period of adjustment and settling in. It has to end. One month is long enough.
  • See above. Scheduling mayhem because of work. Timing is off.
3. Things do not always go my way.
  • I have already mentioned the weather. Yuck. I need more sunshine in my life.
  • Why hasn’t the animal shelter that I applied to volunteer for called me back? If I am not giving, I am not living!
  • I cannot find THE pen. The one that I washed and ruined and need to replace. I have tried Target (where I originally bought it), Office Depot, Staples, and Michael’s. I think I will have to try Hobby Lobby next.
Time to turn this shit around. Here is why life makes me happy:
1. This winter cannot go on forever.
  • Spring is officially here. The weather will get warmer. I must be patient.
  • There are signs everywhere that it is almost over. The greens and bright colors are returning. They look so beautiful in the sun. Another reason why this overcast business must end.
  • With the time change a few weeks ago, we now get later sunsets. Soon, the days will become even longer and we will get earlier sunrises as well. Exciting!
2. Dammit. I am being creative!
  • Blogging is a form of writing. Totally counts.
  • On my instagram (@dangdaisy) and my Tumblr accounts, I have been participating in the 100 Happy Days challenge. Although I am not using Bon Qui Qui, my DSLR camera, I am still photojournaling my life and that is worth something to me.
  • I am creating ideas. All day, every day.
3. The people.
  • I was out of town over the weekend and my sweet boyfriend took care of my critters for me and took notice of the fact that Canelo Dog missed me. He even got out of bed to try to calm Canelo down last night. I eventually heard the commotion and had to get up and calm Canelo down myself, but it was so sweet of Dustin to try.
  • My aunt is out of the hospital and back home at my grandma’s. Hooray for the field of medicine!
  • I reconnected with friends while I was in Austin and even made new ones. I love friendships.
4. Travel
  • My weekend getaway was a timely getaway after the insanity of work last week.
  • I am planning a trip to Colorado to see my friend, Taylor. I can’t call her an old friend. I met her in 2012 and worked with her for a year while she completed an internship in Neurology at CVSC. She moved to Colorado last summer, when she finished her internship, and has invited me and our other former coworker, Nicole, to stay with her for a weekend. I’ve never been to Colorado, but I already know that I will love it, crazy air and all!
  • Maybe I will visit Chicago with Dustin this summer. He is going regardless because it’s a business trip. For me, this is a big maybe, but maybe is a word full of hope so I will hope and do what I can to make it happen.
All right. Stay focused and make shit happen and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Toodles!

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