This winter is whack.

I know I wrote that I would be more creative. I tried, I really did. That post was followed by a week of packing, though, which was followed by moving, which was followed by a week of unpacking, which was followed by a week of being on call for emergency surgeries, and all these events were engulfed by pretty non-inspiring shitty ass weather. Ugh.

I am absolutely sick of this winter. I shouldn’t let it do so, but it is ruining my life and my mood. I suppose that I should look on the bright side and admit that life is good when the weather is the only thing bringing me down. It affects other aspects of my life, though. I do less because of the cold and lack of sunshine. I am less inspired to go outside. I have not been running enough. My walks with Canelo Dog are miserable and sometimes rushed. I could sit on a bench and draw or write while waiting for my train, but instead I keep my hands safe in my pockets, tuck my head close to my torso, and stare down the tracks anticipating the arrival of that transporting machine. Not very ideal.

I should be happy that the time has finally changed meaning later sunsets and the approach of spring, but I look up at the window and it is overcast outside. I have the heat on knowing very well that it is below forty outside. I am wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt, so I am pretty much wearing a sweatsuit. It is not my best look.


At least I have a desk now. I also bought a book about calligraphy. I need to replace old pens. I am making a vegan pasta today. I will run at some point today. I have to continue to break my NEW running shoes in! I’m also buying a vacuum cleaner. One that picks up pet hair well. Dustin and I are going half and half on that. The domestic life of lovebirds. It’s a good life.

I better bundle up and get going.


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