You can’t spell February without eff

Eff you, February.

Here is my present goal: do not allow the stack and maze of boxes surrounding me give me anxiety. This is the worst part of moving. Packing in itself, but then having to live with the growing amount of boxes until moving day. I feel that my already small space is only getting tinier and it may very well make me a little crazy in these final days leading to our move.

This weather is also trying to drive me crazy. I have finally reached that point, y’all. I start off strong in November and December. In January, I convince myself that it is almost over and spring is just around the corner. Then we reach February and by that time, the cold just seems never-ending and I hate it. I long for warmer temperatures so badly, my spirit hurts. Uggghhh.

I really am at that point. I cannot handle all the layers of clothes. I cannot handle the grey skies. I long for the sun! I want to wear skirts and dresses without having my legs confined in tights. No matter how cute they may be, tights are still so confining! I want to run in my shorts again. I want to be motivated to run in the mornings. I want to want to (not a typo) spend more time outdoors. I want good ol’ warm and hot Texas weather back.

I hate February so much. A while back, I mentioned my hatred of this month to Dustin, so he and I tried to think of things we could look forward to this month.

  • We started the list with the Super Bowl. That was a major disappointment. 
  • I added the return of The Walking Dead to the list. We shall see how things go tonight. 
  • There is still Valentine’s Day. Dustin never disappoints, he’s a total sweetheart.
  • Then there’s our big move. And the work that comes with it.
Am I being a Negative Nancy or what? Hahaha You just do not understand how much I loathe winter. It is the bane of my existence, each and every year. If winter were a person, I’d bitchslap it.

Oh well. I better carry on. A Chipotle burrito makes everything better.


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