Pack, pack, pack it up

Is anyone else sick of this cold weather? I think that the worst part is the huge range in temperatures. It will be below freezing one day, 70 degrees within 24 hours, then back down to below 50, and everything in between. How does one dress for that? The outfit I leave in loses its appropriateness by mid-afternoon and it bothers all the lovely out of me.

Anyhow, this week, I started the packing process. With less than four weeks until the move, I figured it was time to begin. Lucky for me, we get supply shipments at work on an almost daily basis. Collecting cardboard boxes and packaging material is something I do not have to stress about. All my coworkers know that I’m moving soon and are kind enough to save boxes for me to bring home. So nice!

Thus far, packing is going well, although I have way too many books. I thought that packing all my clothes was going to be rough, but I was wrong. It’s all these freaking books! I have set aside a stack that I no longer want. I haven’t decided what to do with them, though. Donate them to a thrift store? Sell them to Half-Price? Have a yard sale? Having a yard sale is very tempting because there are a number of other items that will not be making the move with me. Why not make some extra cash? Sunglasses, clothes, shoes, hats, belts, dvds, knick knacks, jewelry, and yes, books. Too bad this darn weather isn’t very inspiring! We shall see.

Packing is the not-so-fun part of moving. Planning the furnishing and decorating is so much better! Dustin and I will actually be purchasing a new bed! We have already ordered the frame (along with a dining table) and will order the mattress soon. We also got a great deal on shelving while looking around Loew’s over the weekend. We were in need of extra shelving given the aforementioned massive collection of books I own. I think all that’s left is finding desks. He needs one for his computer and gaming setup. I need one for all my crafting, writing, and studying. Our place is going to be so cute and cozy!

I even had a special calligraphy print made for our place, but I don’t have the framing for it just yet. As soon as I do, I’ll post a picture of it. It is so perfect for us!

Back to cleaning, organizing, and packing. Only 23 days to go!

Yes, the title of this post is a reference to Lil Jon. To the windooooooow….


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