Another year, more daisy days

I am not really one for making New Year resolutions. I am the type that thinks of goals throughout the year and works on them as time permits.

For example, in the spring of 2013, I thought I would try the Insanity workout. I made it through four weeks before realizing that it was not very fulfilling or enjoyable. Halfway through the year, I decided to train for a half-marathon. So I did. In August, I chose to switch to a vegan diet. Done. Three months ago, I finally ran that half-marathon.

Earlier this month, I resolved to run a full marathon by spring 2014. I have been completing my training runs diligently. I also decided to re-learn the French that I once knew and pick up even more. I have downloaded a few apps on my phone and picked up some books in order to get that going. In the creative realm, I am continuing to practice photography and trying to pick up calligraphy. Pinterest and YouTube each offer a wealth of helpful tips for both. These are all ambitions from late 2013 that will be carried into this year. I also want to start sewing, something that I resolve to pursue once I move and have a space dedicated to this endeavor.

As always, I want to be kind, loving, patient, forgiving, and happy. Those are everyday goals that never change, though. They are the same characteristics I have made an effort to possess my entire adult life. I feel that I pretty much have them down now and only stray occasionally. Still, the effort has to made daily, more conscientiously on some days versus others.

Yes, I am looking forward to this year and all the accomplishments and adventures that will come with it. Life is so exciting, it never stops being so. If you set goals not only now, but continuously, you will always have something to look forward to and life will be thrilling and rewarding!

Get to it, folks, and have a happy 2014!


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