Looking back and forward

Holy crap! I forgot how much I love Shiny Toy Guns.

You aaaaaaaaaaaare the one. You’ll never be alone again.
You’re more than in my head. You’re more.

The year is practically over. Another calendar year and I am still alive and still excited about life and the future. I have much to strive for and much to look forward. I am so thankful that my joie de vivre remains intact. My goodness, I dread ever losing it!

So the upcoming year will come with a major change: Dustin and I have been approved for our new place and will be moving in early this year! After four years of dating, it’s about time it happens. We are both thrilled and are busy making plans for the move-in. My mom has already gifted us a washer and dryer. A new bed and television are next on our wish list. Hopefully, since we are both off from work the next few days, we can start looking.

I am somewhat nervous about us living together. I have always either lived with family or lived by myself. I have never had a friend as a roommate, much less lived with a boyfriend. We have spent so much time together in the last four years, though, that we know each other well enough to understand what we are both getting into.

I hope I don’t drive him crazy. I hope that we are able to give each other space when we need it. I hope my critters don’t piss him off (how could they? They are just little bodies of love!). I hope that we treat each other as equals just as we have in the last four years. I hope that we both respect one another and are responsible for each other. I hope our home is filled with love and joy and the making of happy memories.

Ah, I am so excited! Now if only this cold weather would go away!


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