Exciting times!

I just had an incredibly busy, not restful at all, weekend. It was productive, though, so I am happy.

Friday night after work, I had dinner and went to a couple of stores with Dustin. I was exhausted because I woke up extra early to run a few miles before going to work that morning. I was out before 10 pm. Total old lady status.
Saturday, I woke up dark (the sun wasn’t out yet) and early for the North Texas Great Santa Run 5K. The race was supposed to begin at 8 am, but I think it was delayed because of the rain. When we made it to the site, the volunteers and sponsors were only beginning to arrive and set up. I picked up my Santa suit then waited with Dustin in his car for the race to begin. Jocelyn met up with us and we ran the race together. I love running 5Ks with her! We run at the same pace and we get a lot of chit chatting done! We also crack up at all the other runners. Not in a mean way, mind you. The 5Ks that we do are usually “fun runs” with people all decked out in crazy costumes. That’s usually what we laugh about… how crazy and daring some people are! We had fun. We definitely need to do these 5Ks more often. It had been much too long!
5Ks are fun!

Dustin and I spent Saturday afternoon driving around looking at apartment complexes. We stumbled upon one by complete chance. I know we had driven past it before, but we had never really noticed it. The leasing office was open so we stopped by, talked to the leasing agent, and got a tour. 
The complex seemed very nice. First of all, it’s pet friendly and has a lot of green space for walking Canelo Dog. It also has a huge pond with fountains in the middle of it. There’s a bridge that goes across the pond that takes you from the front of the complex (where the leasing office is) to the “recreation area” (where the pool, hot tub, picnic tables, and volleyball court are located). There were ducks in the water and I just know that I could sit out there and watch them all day! I love ducks!
The unit with the floor plan that we chose is on the second floor, which is great because we won’t have upstairs neighbors making noise. Underneath the living room is our car port and underneath the dining room is our neighbor’s garage. This means that I can stomp around in those rooms as loudly as I want to and not receive any complaints! Freaking fantastic! Not that I am much of a stomper, but I do love to dance and work out, which can get pretty noisy. It will not be a problem, however!
I could also work out in their fitness room, but it has limited equipment. Although it wasn’t very spacious, it has a treadmill for me to get some runs done when the weather gets in my way. If that fitness room doesn’t cut it for me, there are gyms right down the road that I could possibly get memberships at. We’ll see.
Oh! One of the best features is that Belt Line (with all its shops and restaurants) is just a short walk or bicycle ride away. Dustin and I need bicycles. End of discussion.
Needless to say, we both really liked this place and decided to take some applications home with us.
Enough about the apartment (I’ll get back to it) and on with the rest of Saturday. Dustin and I went back to his place, read more about the apartment complex, chilled for a little while, and were picked up by Heather and Tee to go to Dave & Buster’s.
About a month ago, I planned a holiday party for everyone who has worked or is currently working at the SPCA of Texas. I thought it would be a good opportunity for us all to meet and reunite. The party had originally been planned for last Saturday, but because of the ice storm, we had to reschedule for last night. Unfortunately, this meant that a lot of the invitees did not show up. No matter. Those of us who made it had a great time! I could go years and years without seeing these people (in some cases I had) and pick right back up where we left off. I love my SPCA people!
SPCA gals!
We ended up staying at Dave & Buster’s pretty late. As a result, Dustin and I went to bed late and slept in this morning. As soon as we got out of bed, we started filling out the apartment applications. After a quick bite, we headed back to the complex that we liked so much to turn the applications in.
The leasing agent was busy with another potential resident when we arrived so we left to check out the area some more. Target wasn’t very far so we stopped by. We killed time looking at televisions (we’re hoping to buy a new one!) before heading back to the leasing office.
We finally turned our applications in, were told which unit would be held for us, and set up a move-in date! We happened to apply while they have a special going on so our rent will be about $65 cheaper than what it should be. Score! All we have to do now is wait to find out whether or not we get approved. Dustin is anxious about it. He just wants to have it approved and know that we will have a place to go to when his current lease is up.
I feel that so many exciting things are happening right now. I got a raise at work last week, I am finally getting a 401K going and saving for retirement, I was approved for vacation time to make a trip to Mexico next month, I am on track with my marathon training, and after four years of dating, I am moving in with my boyfriend.
These are the types of things that excite me. Events that mean progress in life. Holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries are just one-day events that end so quickly, they seem unworthy of built-up anticipation. Events that are life-changing? That’s what I live for. Those are worth the anticipation and enthusiasm. They make me genuinely happy because they’re not fleeting.
I am so thrilled, I’m tired. Time for bed!

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