Fashion challenge!

My effort to remain positive and happy even though this is my least favorite part of the year continues. I have decided to challenge myself to be more creative with a new challenge each month. My inspiration for November/December was the fact that the holiday season is upon us.

Now, you would think that I would challenge myself to give gifts that I myself made. Uh, not happening. Who even keeps that sort of stuff? And the point is to make the season more enjoyable. Making gifts will only add to my stress. Can you even imagine the cleanup that would be involved? Do you know how many people are on my list? There is no way.

This is how the holiday season inspired me: I love clothes. I constantly shop sales online and spend hours are thrift stores, perusing through my options and spending my money as wisely as I can. Although I only buy things on the cheap and absolutely never splurge on anything extravagant, it is still money spent.

I therefore decided to stop shopping for myself until I do this: wear EVERYTHING in my closet (as long as it is weather appropriate) at least once before buying another clothing item (jewelry, accessories, and shoes are excluded). This will take at least a month or two, especially since most days my outfits consist of scrubs and workout gear. It’s the perfect challenge for this time because not spending money on myself means having it available to spend on gifts. Am I brilliant or what?

And nothing like a cold front to kick this challenge into motion! I spent Wednesday sorting through clothes to get jackets and sweaters out and put away shorts and tanks. What an ordeal.

Too.. much.. clothes!

I also separated the clothes that I no longer wear and prepared it to be donated to the Texas Regional Animal Rescue’s thrift store. Hopefully, they can make some money off it. Some of it was stuff that I refuse to wear now because of my aspirations to transition to a completely vegan lifestyle.

50% wool is a 100% no-no. Buh-bye.

Although it took a couple hours, I finished and was quite happy with the end result. Everything is nicely organized and ready to be worn so that I can complete my challenge and eventually shop again!

I will continue to wear florals in wintertime!

So the challenge is on! I am confident I can do this, especially since I will have the help of a Pinterest board that I created featuring items similar to ones I already own. I am excited about the money I will be saving and how creative I will have to get to complete this. And I must say that I am happy that I am doing this now because with spells of cold weather, I can layer some items and cross them off the list all at once!

Whoo hoo!

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