I’m home alone on a Friday night with absolutely no intention of going out or doing anything. Really, I wish I could just go to bed, but since I took a nap this afternoon, it may be a while before I actually do so. I might take a sleep aid if I’m not snoozing by midnight, though.

I can’t do anything because I’m on-call for emergency surgeries. I have a clean pair of scrubs sitting on my record player, ready for me to change into in case I am needed. Of course, although the money is good, I’d rather stay home bored than have to go to work. It’s not that I do not love my job, but having to go to work would mean that there is an animal in a painful situation.

Before sitting down to write this, I watched the latest episode of Glee, the one where they pay tribute to Cory Monteith via his character, Finn Hudson. Goodness, I cried almost the entire time.

How do I explain what that show and his character have meant to me? This already sounds cheesy.

I will just have to take you back to the beginning. Here goes…

The show premiered in June 2009. Fox only aired the pilot episode, but it received great reviews, and there was a lot of buzz about it. The full season finally started airing in the fall and was well worth the wait. I was absolutely hooked.

I think that 2009 was also the year that Facebook really took off. I know for a fact that I started using it more than I had in the previous five years, mainly due to the excitement of being able to upload photos straight from my phone. What an innovation!

I mention Facebook and this entire time frame because it all leads to my relationship with Dustin. Fall of 2009 was when he caught my attention, via Facebook. I believe he started posting more often and the vast majority of things he shared led to me crushing on him. Posts about music, sports, reading, and his liberal opinions. He seemed like the perfect guy! It didn’t hurt that he was also a total cutie-pie!

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, he posted that he decided to watch an episode of Glee. At that point, the season was already several episodes in, so he downloaded the ones he had missed. He loved the show. Dammit. As if I didn’t already like the guy enough! Now he was a fan of my favorite television show and what (straight) guy would openly admit loving such a show? The answer: an awesome one.

Unfortunately, Dustin had a girlfriend. As with most of the crushes I have had throughout my life, I figured this wouldn’t lead to a thing even though I really REALLY liked him.

We ended up exchanging comments here and there on Facebook and eventually, exchanged numbers (yikes!) as well. I figured we could be friends. Maybe I would get to know him better and realize that he wasn’t all that great. Or maybe we truly were a great match and he would realize that too!

He texted me all throughout the month of December. I have never given my number to a guy who actually used it and didn’t make me wait for replies! Dustin immediately texted me and he did so every day. I kept falling for him. I was helpless.

On Christmas Eve, I was at my grandparents’ with my family celebrating the holiday. Dustin texted me throughout the evening. I had my cousin/best bud Jonathan with me when I received each text. Of course, Jonathan knew how much I liked Dustin and how each message I received from him made me happier and happier.

At one point in the evening, either Dustin or I brought up Glee. He asked me which character I related to the most. I didn’t have an answer. I asked Jonathan who he thought I was most like. He replied Brittany because of how goofy she was. I texted that reply to Dustin and he disagreed. He said I was too smart to be a Brittany. Aww, shucks!

Naturally, I then asked Dustin who he related to. His response: both Mr. Schuester and Finn. He wouldn’t tell me why, though. He said he would tell me later. Weirdo. Why wouldn’t he just explain?

This is a photo of Jonathan and me both confused by Dustin’s response that night! Hahahaha We literally took this right after Dustin sent me his reply!

Uhhhh… What?!

Dustin and I ended up meeting the following day. Two days later, he posted this as his Facebook status:


Two days after that, he and I became a couple (after he broke up with his previous girlfriend, of course).

He finally explained to me what he meant by saying that he felt like Mr. Schuester and Finn. He related to them because they were both in relationships, but were falling for other girls. Schuester was married, but falling for Emma. Finn was dating Quinn, but falling for Rachel. Dustin had a girlfriend, but was apparently falling for me. This all made for a very giddy daisy!
Dustin and I continued to watch the show and I always rooted for each couple because I saw my own relationship in theirs. As both the show and our relationship progressed, however, I saw more similarities with Finn and Rachel. Call it crazy, but whenever they seemed doomed as a couple, I worried about Dustin and myself, especially as we started having arguments and trust issues (we’re good now, by the way!).
They loved each other so much, though. It was so cute. Finn was also very supportive of Rachel and put up with her insane ideas and over-the-top personality. Dustin always did the same for me. Our mellow men. Our mellow, handsome, supportive, loving men.
I wanted the show to end with Finn and Rachel destined to live happily ever after. I wanted them to finally get married! Now, that won’t happen and it makes me sad. They were my favorite couple. They were Dustin and me. Dustin even told me that when he started falling for me, he would listen to Cory Monteith’s Glee cover of I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore over and over again while driving his car.
I cried all throughout the tribute episode, but was absolutely distraught when Rachel finally made an appearance. Her song. And knowing that Cory Monteith was Lea Michele’s own “Finn”? Ugh. So heartbreaking.
[sigh] If and when Glee returns, I’m not so sure that I will be able to watch it.
Bye, Cory Monteith. So talented. I will listen to your covers and miss you much. 😦

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