So much love

Key to happiness: surround yourself with people who make you happy.

Measurement of wealth and success: the ability to form and maintain happy relationships.


This man I developed a crush on four years ago and started dating shortly thereafter. We have ups and downs in our relationship as does any couple, but the happy times far outnumber the bad. He makes me feel beautiful and special and loved. I still get giddy about seeing him. Four years later and he still fascinates me and inspires me to be a better person. All I want is to make him happy and to make him feel as wonderful as he makes me feel.

This still happens every night.

He has been wishing me sweet dreams for almost four years. He tells me that he loves me multiple times each and every day. I do not take it for granted. I know just how lucky I am to have him.

Dustin and Smartie

He not only loves and cares about me, he also loves and cares about my babies. That alone is enough for me to love him to death.

Yes, I love my Dustin. He is my family now and he is my family’s family now. Every time my Mom tells me that she loves both of us, my heart melts. She loves me and she loves him because he loves me. 
She had already told me that she loved me. Then she said “yall” to include Dustin.

I have the sweetest mom. She loves everyone and helps everyone. She helps me, my brother, my nephew, my cousins. She will help Dustin and she will help my friends. Her love and kindness know no limits.

I also have the greatest Dad on the planet.

Little Daisy and Dad

He spoiled me as much as he could. He actually still does. He always comes to my rescue when I need him. He built a cat tree for my cats. He drove miles and miles to College Station just to fix my bicycle for me. He cracks me up with his goofy jokes. He will drop whatever he is doing if I ask him to when I need him.

Birthday text from my Dad

People may say they have a great mother. Some may say they have a great father. Who can say that they have both? This girl can.

Of course, my family is so much more than just my parents. My goodness… my cousins!
So many cousins! Friends forever!

The young ones…

Me and Delilah

The ones closer to my age…

The Trio

The ones in between…

Me and Clarissa are such fly girls!
I love them all and will forever be bonded to them through blood and through a never-ending friendship!

Silly faces!

There are also the friends that we actually choose. Damn, I have done an awesome job choosing them!

We’re the four best friends that anyone could ever have!

Best friends since middle school! The miles and the years will never ruin our friendship!

New friendships that make me think, “Why didn’t we meet YEARS ago?!”

If there is one thing I am doing right it’s choosing the players in my life well. They are all constant sources of smiles and laughter. Hugs and fun. Happiness surrounds me and I am absolutely floored by it.

I am such a happy and wealthy daisy.


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