Not just dogs

Today, we Aggies were given the unfortunate news the Reveille VII, Texas A&M’s First Lady and mascot from 2001 to 2008, passed away.

Our Reveilles are no ordinary mascots…

Texas A&M was founded as a school that required all students to enroll in the Corps of Cadets and receive military training. While no longer a requirement (ahem… I would NOT have enrolled there if it was), the Corps is still huge at A&M. Do you know who the highest ranking member of the Corps is? It’s Reveille. In fact, all other members of the Corps have to address her as “Miss Reveille, ma’am.”

Reveille also attends class with her student handler. However, if she barks while a professor is teaching, the class must be immediately dismissed. It’s tradition.

Like other Reveilles before her, Reveille will receive a formal military funeral and be buried at Kyle Field in front of a scoreboard so she can keep track of the football games. Thousands of people attended the funeral of Reveille VI… I am certain that thousands more will attend Reveille VII’s funeral as well.

Reveille VII

She was a special dog indeed. She served as mascot all three years that I was at A&M… That’s why she’s even more special to me.

Reveille VII also would have had her thirteenth birthday in October. My own beloved boy, Canelo Dog, turns thirteen in October. Reveille VII was the same age as my boy… And now she has passed.
I can not put into words how anxious I am becoming about the fact that my boy is aging and that his last months, weeks, days are fast approaching. I am so incredibly grateful for the time that I have with him (whatever may be left) and try my absolute best to care for him diligently and make him as happy as possible.

Canelo Dog and mommy, April 2013

I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful boy. I bet he has no idea how happy he has made me these past 12.5 years and what an important role he has had in my life. I owe him so much.

Take care of yourself and your critters, y’all.



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