I ran for my life.

I am now training for a half-marathon! I will be running The Hottest Half on August 25th. I may be crazy for running this in the middle of a Texas summer, but…

  1. I will be training in the summer anyway
  2. It’ll be early in the morning before it gets too hot
  3. The course is around White Rock Lake, which is where I am training
Once I accomplish this, I will gladly say to you: If I can do it, you can do it. 
You see, I was never an athlete. Not even as a child when the playing field was pretty even and except for a few stellar standouts, all kids pretty much sucked. I didn’t do sports in high school because again, I didn’t feel talented enough and felt that I would just let whatever team I joined down. In college, when we were required to take kinesiology/fitness classes, I chose Aerobic Walking because I figured it was the only thing I had any chance at passing. This when they offered classes such as skating, rock climbing, swimming, volleyball, skiing, etc. You name it, they offered it (Texas A&M is awesome like that). Nope, I stuck to walking.
So at almost-30, I’m ready to be an athlete. I have found a sport that I truly enjoy and that pushes me. It’s also therapeutic. I may not be the fastest, but I’m building my endurance and giving my heart a workout as well. I feel so good about this decision, I wish I had started sooner.

There are plenty of apps on smart phones to help with the process. I also chose to purchase a guide/training plan from No Meat Athlete. Yes, I am doing this as a vegetarian, of course. That will only add to my sense of accomplishment.

I hope to update you on my progress and on other little facts of my life. I seriously suck at blogging now. Gone are the days when I had to resist posting more than twice a day. Overshare. 
Have an excellent week, y’all!

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