The sun will come out…

Tomorrow, tomorrow

I should have sang that song to myself yesterday when I was in such a funk. Being called in to work at 4:30 pm and staying there until 12:30 am didn’t really help that funk. I got home a little after one because I missed dinner, was extremely hungry after work, and decided to stop at Whataburger. Ohmuhgoodness, Whataburger is crowded in the wee hours of a Saturday night. So many drunks!

It took me a while to unwind after I made it home, but I eventually fell asleep sometime after 3:00. This morning, I was out of bed by 9:00. The sun was shining brightly in my room and that was my cue to get the hell up and get going. Today, I am in a much livelier mood.

It may be my new phone. It may be knowing that I only have today and tonight left of on-call training. It may be that I get to see my honey and my family tomorrow. It may be that I will be watching Les Miserables in just two days. It may be that it makes me happy to see my 14-year-old cousin happy and that I love being a positive influence for him. It may be that I spent a large part of the morning just watching my critters play and interact with one another. It may be that I am watching the Cowboys and keep seeing promos for the upcoming Cotton Bowl game featuring my Fightin’ Texas Aggies and Johnny Football.

Whatever it is, it is good. It was needed. I am thankful.


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