All you have is time time time

I have said this before: I need to stop posting all my thoughts and sharing links, photos, and videos on facebook. I need to post them here instead. Here, where they will not get lost in a mass of soundbytes, images, rants, and raves. Here, where people who actually care to know about what is on my mind will come to find out. Here, where I can actually put my thoughts into more elaborate words.

The year is almost over and winter is officially here. With winter’s arrival, we will slowly start making our way towards longer days once again. Wintertime is without a doubt my least favorite time of year. Geeze, it sucks all the energy out of me and I constantly have to remind myself that I am, in fact, a happy daisy. Thankfully, the days will now start getting longer and with Daylight Saving Time beginning in a few months, I will get even more hours of sunlight in my days.

It’s frustrating, not being able to enjoy the sun at all. I am a child of summer. Astrologically, the sun is my ruling planet. My name means “the day’s eye” because the flower who shares its name with me looks like the sun. I… need… more… sun! Warm temperatures are not enough to get me through this horrid season. I need some rays. Bad.

Another good thing about the year progressing to the point we are at now is that I will no longer be on-call every other weekend. My goodness, I will be getting my life back! Granted, I’ll still have school and my normal work schedule, but my weekends, all of them, will belong to me once more. This means spending more time with my critters, friends, family, and Dustin. This also means finally putting a membership voucher I bought a month ago to use. Dance classes, here I come! Also, I will have time to open an Etsy shop soon. Details will follow. I am beyond excited.

So here’s to the end of the year and to time being on my side.

Happy holidays, y’all. Be safe.


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