I want to hibernate

I have nothing exciting to report. No events to share with you. Nothing that I feel worthy of a nice long blog post. Life has revolved around work and school. Striking a balance among those two and the rest of my life has not been a challenge because I am not letting it be. I simply ignore other aspects of life and do what I do.

It is getting old, though. I don’t feel drained, but I am not as fanciful as I usually am. I feel that if anything fun and adventurous were to happen in life at the present moment, it would all be forced. I hate forcing things.

I don’t know if it’s been my ridiculous rotations at work, my lack of exercise, or the fact that the sun does not play as long as it does in the summer. Maybe it’s a combination of things. Regardless, this is as close to being in a funk as I have been in a while. What a drag.

Hopefully, I can snap out of it. December 21st is only nine days away. It’s the day when the sun hides the most. After that, the days start getting longer and the calendar begins its steady approach towards the vernal equinox, which has to be one of my favorite days of the year!

I truly despise winter time. Even with the holiday breaks, it’s just such a bother! Ooof.


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