September post!

Well, friends, the times have been busy times. September was full of fun, work, school, and creativity. September was full of friends, family, critters, and my dude.

I had my hair colored for the first time. I went to Midnight Yell, Pride, Oktoberfest, and The Ballpark. I painted, I sewed, I volunteered, and I ran in my first race. School is in full-swing. Work is work. At least forty glorious hours a week. Lots of football and baseball.

October promises not to slow down. Work will be more intense as I start training to become an on-call technician. My super-accelerated class will end, accompanied by a final exam, and a new class will begin subsequently. The State Fair has arrived and I have to go at least twice. Haunted houses, girlfriends? Macbeth at Addison Circle Park, Dustin? Veggie State Fair, anyone? Oh, and the return of The Walking Dead.

Cooler weather means more times outdoors. Oh, what a world! Life is but a dream!

I must remind myself to sleep…



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