Falling into fall

So summer is winding down, is it not? I say this because all around me, school seems to be the topic of conversation.

I have cousins gearing up for another year of high school, old coworkers registering for their last semesters of college, old friends going back to school while working full-time, former classmates returning to College Station, and other friends preparing their small children for school. Each person stressing in his or her own way, but making things happen all the same. I am actually excited for everyone — I’m weird.

I myself am embarking on a scholastic adventure: earning a Master’s degree entirely online. Lawd, help me.

Still, it is safe to say that I am glad the summer is almost over, even if this means that I will now have to devote some of my spare time to reading, homework, and studying. With summer on its way out, fall can gloriously make its entrance accompanied by so much fun to be had, I am going to need energy like none other!

Allow me to specify:

  • The return of football — Go Cowboys and gig ’em, Aggies!
  • Dallas Pride on September 16th, complete with a 5K, parade, and festival
  • Macbeth opens at Shakespeare Dallas on September 19th, then in Addison on October 3rd
  • The State Fair of Texas, which opens September 28th
  • The Index Music Festival at Trees — October 5th-6th
  • Zombie Walk in Deep Ellum on October 13th — can’t wait to dress up for that one!
  • The gayest, most fabulous Halloween party on the planet: Block Party! October 27th
That’s as far as I can go. After Halloween the time changes and Mr. Sun doesn’t appear as much… I am less enthused. Regardless, isn’t my fall shaping up to be the bestest? Can I repeat how happy I am to be spending it in Dallas and not College Station? Oh! I will also be taking sewing lessons starting next month. One of my coworkers may be joining me on that adventure. Yippeeee!
Let’s just end this one on that note: Yippeeee!

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