It’s July already!

Oh, no. I said I was going to write more. Here we are over a month later and nothing. Not wanting to make excuses for myself, but here’s the thing. A few things, actually:

  • I started my new job and my hours are bat-shit crazy. Pardon my language.
  • My computer has been down. That tech-savvy fella that I keep around (his name is Dustin) fixed it for me last weekend, though. Such joy. I bought him a steak dinner to thank him. Wait, no. That was us celebrating our two-and-a-half anniversary. I say he pays for year-anniversaries and I pay for half-years. 
  • Blogging from my phone just doesn’t cut it. How can I write well with such restrictions?

Here I am again, though. This last month has been a huge adjustment for me. A new job with the aforementioned crazy hours. A lot to learn, new people to learn to work with, a new schedule. I have been so busy that I didn’t see my friends during the entire month of June so I miss them terribly. Thankfully, my schedule varies even more this month and I have the next two Mondays off. Fun times with friends up ahead, for sure.
Fun times in Dallas up ahead in general. I am so excited and looking forward to life here again. I am determined to make the most of living here since I feel like I missed out so much while I was away. I want to do it all and go everywhere. Museums, parks, trails, restaurants, bars, shows, events, everything! I also want to run a 5K. Right now I have my eye on the Santa Fe Trail 5K, but October seems very far away. Pub crawls, zombie walks, Shakespeare in the Park. Fun fun fun.
Here’s hoping that I keep my job and keep a positive mentality. Hoping that people and attitudes don’t get the best of me. Hoping that I don’t dwell on the terrible things that are said to me. Hoping that I enjoy life as if this is the best time to have the best times.
Have a fantastic day!


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