100 things I would like to try

This is an easy prompt because I can format it as a list and not an essay. It will still require some creativity on my part, though. One-hundred things is quite a bit to come up with! Here goes…

1. Belly dancing
2. Sewing
3. Playing an instrument
4. Gardening
5. Photography
6. Painting
7. Tandem bicycling
8. Building a sandcastle
9. Ride the world’s tallest roller coaster
10. Running a 5K
11. Learning to skate backwards
12. Renewing old furniture
13. SXSW
14. Fun Fun Fun Fest
15. Meet Glen Hansard
16. Meet Frank Turner
17. Crashing a wedding
18. Win an award
19. Master the French language
20. Save more animals
21. Cook a full-course meal
22. Go to every vegan restaurant near me
23. Run around White Rock Lake
24. Get my boyfriend into running
25. Get my boyfriend into ANY type of exercise
26. Help my loved ones make healthy choices
27. Creative writing
28. Go to all the museums near me
29. Building something
30. Create a closet worthy of envy
31. Become better at dealing with heartbreak
32. Avoid heartbreak
33. Be a better daughter, sister, girlfriend, cousin, friend, etc.
34. Remaining humble
35. Plan a cheap but pretty wedding
36. Vegetarian sushi
37. Get accepted again
38. French-braid my own hair
39. Having a healthy sleep schedule
40. Eat lots of fruits and veggies every day
41. Wearing contacts
42. A good, consistent workout regime
43. New mix-n-match outfits
44. Staying in love with life
45. Keeping my head up
46. Be a better listener
47. Don’t allow myself to be hurt so easily
48. Don’t allow bitter, angry, envious, drunken words to hurt me
49. Learn the choreography to… something
50. Staying in touch with people who matter to me
51. Be retweeted by someone I admire (besides Bryce Avary… done that)
52. Learn to make Mom’s awesome enchiladas
53. Learn to make Mom’s awesome arroz
54. Parasailing (if that’s what it’s called)
55. Jet-skiing
56. Make the most baddest, awesomest music playlists ever
57. Stop being such a grammar snob
58. Continue making good grammatical choices myself
59. Go to more shows
60. Save money
61. Travel
62. Explore DFW
63. Explore Texas
64. Get Dustin to meet my family in Mexico
65. Remember the Alamo
66. Discover new music
67. New hairstyles
68. New hair color
69. Be less judgmental
70. Be a better listener
71. Complain less
72. Skydiving
73. Hold as many species of animals as possible
74. Have toned abs
75. Go vegan
76. Finish Ana Karenina
77. Have a favorite author
78. Avoid getting the flu
79. Go another 14 years without vomiting
80. Maintain my weight
81. Not overwhelm myself by adopting too many animals
82. Visit Mexico more often
83. Try veggie burgers from every local restaurant that offers them
84. Get people to try being vegetarians
85. Keep an open mind
86. Always love
87. Go through a “haunted house” by myself
88. Read more books in Spanish
89. Becoming an expert bargain shopper
90. Avoid getting split ends
91. Collect more vinyl records
92. Keep my record player working
93. Remain decluttered
94. Laugh laugh laugh
95. Remember what matters
96. Listen to The Adventure Club every week
97. Like babies and children a little more
98. Spend less time on the interwebz
99. Being a forward thinker
100. Continue writing

Done. It only took me three days.


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