Well, friends. I have a job.

It’s not entirely official yet, there is paperwork to be done and a background check to pass, but a position was offered to me and I accepted. The pay is great, the benefits are amazing, I don’t have to work on weekends, and I’ll be working in neurology. You know, MRIs, CT scans, brain surgeries, and such. No big deal. πŸ˜‰

As I mentioned before, I will also be submitting an application to UNT next week and hopefully start working towards a Master’s degree in Public Health as soon as this fall. I just need to get some things in order and get transcripts prepared. Then I will be well on my way. I should hear back from them in about two weeks. Amazing.

This past week has been crazy going from one interview to another. When permanently moving back to Dallas became a reality, I immediately worried about not being able to find a job. How silly of me. I have been getting phone calls and emails out the wazoo! Weighing my options became quite the hassle. Lucky for me, I didn’t give myself time to be stressed because I was too busy spending time with the people I have missed so much.

I played ball and went for a stroll with Cent, Heather, and Tee on Monday. Odet and Edith came to visit me on Tuesday. Yesterday, I went shopping with Jonathan. Today, I had lunch with Edgar, Edith, Odet, and Christie. I’ve been everywhere from Lake Ray Hubbard to Deep Ellum to Uptown. All of this just emphasized how thrilled I should feel to be back with these people and in this town.

I do feel thrilled. It’s more than a feeling, though. I am thrilled.

Happy weekend everyone!


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